Having plenty of room in your kitchen for storage is as important as having the style and look you desire. A kitchen with plenty of storage space for utensils, dishes, pots and pans, and groceries will make working in the kitchen easier as well as keep it clutter free. If you are a single person your storage needs may not be of great importance, but when you have a family, it becomes a necessity. Here at 27estore we can help make the most of your kitchen area with our ready to assemble cabinets.

Satin White Cabinets

Base cabinets and wall cabinets are the most thought of when designing a new kitchen, but there is another cabinet that you need to consider while choosing your new cabinets. Tall cabinets are the perfect cabinets for that added storage space, these cabinets are used in smaller kitchens to help save room, but still provide you with the extra space you need. In larger kitchens they can be used to finish off a run of cabinets and just as in a smaller kitchen, tall cabinets can save room without sacrificing storage needs. One of the most common tall cabinets used in new kitchens today is the tall oven/microwave combo cabinet; this cabinet provides a space for your oven and microwave saving you counter space as well as leaving room for another base cabinet.

Our tall cabinets come in two door and four door styles and can add to the beauty of your kitchen, tall cabinets are often the focal point of a fully fitted kitchen and can really give it a unique look and feel. Our tall cabinets, just as our base and wall cabinets come with SoftClose door and drawer systems; these will help with the wear and tear of constant cabinet use over the years. Our cabinets are made to order and if the need arises, we can build a custom cabinet to fit into the design of your kitchen. Come visit www.27estore.com today and browse our selection of tall cabinets and all of our other great products. We will provide you with the best quality product as well as great service.