The kitchen is one of the most used and important rooms in the home. Residents spend countless hours in the kitchen, doing prep work, eating meals, sitting and enjoying coffee while enjoying their morning paper or a chat on the phone. With the kitchen being used so much, and for more reasons than merely meal prep, it is important that the kitchen design is appealing and draws people in so that they want to spend as much time as possible in the kitchen. The right colors and styles can do a great deal to help achieve this.


One of the main ways to make the kitchen inviting is through the color choices that are used in the room. Picking the right colors and styles is important for all aspects of the kitchen, from the floor, to the walls, to the kitchen cabinets. When selecting a color for your kitchen you can stick to the tried and true colors like white or wood tones, or you can be a bit more adventurous and look into trying a more vibrant, or bright color, such as green, for your kitchen cabinets. The use of green kitchen cabinets not only adds a touch of color to your kitchen design, but it can also serve to add a cooling or refreshing effect to the overall feel of one of the most used rooms in the home.


The Many Shades of Green


Individuals interesting in the refreshing touch that using green kitchen cabinets will bring to the room will be pleased to know that green comes in a broad spectrum of shades. Whether you are looking for a subtle touch of green through the use of a mint green or a brighter key lime green to a rich forest green, there is a shade that will appeal to all kitchen design ideas.


Another great aspect to the use of green in the kitchen is that you can use a variety of items as the inspiration for your shade of green kitchen cabinets. Consider all of the different fruits, vegetables, and spices that come into the kitchen. Perhaps you love the shade of green associated with Granny Smith apples, or the shade of green you find in the pulp of a lime, what about the darker greens found on a watermelon? As you can see, green inspirations are not limited. There are also the green shades you find outside by way of green grass, green leaves from your favorite tree outside and a multitude of other plants that you can find in your yard. Green is simply a refreshing and inspired color choice for your kitchen cabinets.


Works in Most Kitchen Designs


Green is a color that most people may not imagine would work well in most kitchen designs. In fact, when you choose the right shade of green kitchen cabinets and pair it with the right accent pieces, countertops, appliances, flooring, and walls, you can make even the smallest kitchen look brighter and more airy or make a large kitchen feel warm and cozy. Since the green color options are so varied, there are shades that would work well in the most upscale homes, to the country cottage, or a modern home.


Bring the Outside into your Kitchen Design


Another great aspect to using assorted shades of green in your kitchen design is that you can bring the outside into your home every day of the year. During the height of winter, imagine working in a kitchen that is designed around the refreshing green kitchen cabinets inspired from your favorite oak tree in your yard. It is also good to remember that the greens kitchen cabinets available are not limited to colors of fruits, vegetables, or trees. There are also shades available that are inspired by the ocean, such as a refreshing and cool, sea foam-green. Colors such as those associated with the ocean are excellent options for homes that are located on the coast. They can also prove to be a great option for homes located in desert areas where the cooling properties of green kitchen cabinets inspired by the ocean are a welcome change from darker or more traditional colors that continually remind the residences of the heat outside. Kitchen cabinets in any shade of green are an excellent and viable option for homes in any location.


The idea of using any shade of green in your kitchen design may seem a bit on the bold or adventurous side. People that are used to sticking to the standard colors of white or wood tones may find the idea of installing green kitchen cabinets to be rather off-putting. How can kitchen cabinets in any shade of green actually work in a kitchen? The answer, shades of green can be paired with a multitude of more neutral colors, such as white and wood tones, to make a striking contrast in a kitchen design. Furthermore, greens are available in so many different color variations that there is something suitable from the most traditional kitchen to a modern kitchen. In addition, the use of green kitchen cabinets affords those that work in the space with a calming and soothing color option making it one of the most popular colors and styles.


Daring to select a shade of green for your kitchen cabinets does not mean you are going to end up with something far too bright or unappealing, in reality, choosing the right shade of green kitchen cabinets and coupling it with the right countertop, flooring, and wall color can help you create the perfect kitchen design for your home.