One of the most popular color choices when remodeling the kitchen is a fresh, clean white finish. There are a number of different reasons as to why this particular color choice is so well loved, which I will go into further detail about below. However, one of these reasons is the high level of versatility that having a white kitchen offers you in terms of design choices. It offers a very neutral base for you to put your own unique stamp on and today we are going to find out how to do exactly that!


Another aspect to designing your kitchen in a base of white tones to remember is how it affects the manner in which the kitchen and living room blend. Today, and in recent years, designing a home so that the kitchen opens up to the living room, or family room, is commonplace. With this notion in mind, you do not want the color of your kitchen to be distracting from the colors used in the living room, or have them clash. Having that solid foundation of white throughout the kitchen makes it easier to determine which direction you are going to take the design of your living room as well.


Reasons for Designing Kitchens in White


  • Brighten your kitchen – One of the key reasons people opt to use white as the base in their kitchen, or any room, is that it adds brightness and light to the room. For smaller kitchens, this is an excellent option as it can even help make the room appear larger in size than the room’s true dimensions.
  • Versatility in kitchen design – With the base of white, accenting the kitchen is open to countless kitchen designs. Accent pieces such as back splashes, furniture, appliances, even cookware and utensils can be chosen in a broad range of colors or patterns to give each individual’s kitchen the look and feel they are after. Ex: a white kitchen with pops of strategically placed neon colors can add vibrancy and life to a kitchen.
  • Theme versatility – When looking to redesign any room in your home, one color that works regardless of the theme of the home, is white. From the modern home, to the traditional, to Colonial homes, or farmhouse-style, white works perfectly in each of these homes. Using the white base color, each of these types of homes can be accented perfectly to match the desired theme. No other base color works as well, for any theme, than white.
  • Resistance to signs of wear and dirt – Though many people assume a white kitchen is the worst option if you want to maintain a clean appearance/room, the reality is that simply is not entirely true. Although white rooms can be difficult to keep clean, certain finishes in kitchen cabinetry are better at showing signs of wear and resistant to dirt than their colorful counterparts.


The list of reasons for designing your kitchen with a white base can go on almost endlessly. The bottom line is that  white is a color that offers both the amateur and the professional designer alike with a base color palette that they can build any theme around. Choosing to use other colors as the base in a kitchen not only limits the direction the design can go, but, if your kitchen is open to your living room, you take the risk of having colors that clash or are incredibly unpleasing to the eye.


Tying the Kitchen and Living Room Together


In many modern homes, as well as older homes that are remodeled, the kitchen is opened up so that it is viewable from the living room. Having that open feel between the two rooms offers a number of benefits for those living in the home. When the base color in the kitchen is white, the two rooms can be more easily tied together affording more uniformity in the home while maintaining room uniqueness.


  • Open Layout One aspect to homes that most people want/desire is an open feel. When the kitchen is not a closed off room, but opens to the living room, there is a more open feel and it appears as though there is more room than there truly is, all because of the connection between the two rooms.
  • Brightness – As previously stated, having a kitchen, which is white, affords for a brighter and lighter room. When that white kitchen is opened up to the living room the brightness and lightness is carried throughout both rooms.
  • Sharing themes between rooms – If carrying your design style from one room to the next is important than having a kitchen in a base of white makes this possible. You can choose to decorate the kitchen with whatever accent pieces/colors you want and continue using the same colors/themes in your living room. Ex: A modern kitchen with a base of white with modern appliances open to a living room decorated with a modern feel. Country themes can also be carried from the kitchen to the living room, without clashing or being overly distracting, when the kitchen is in a base color of white.


Adding A Unique Touch To Your White Kitchen


So, we have looked at the benefits of choosing white kitchen cabinets and we have looked at some of the ways that a white kitchen can be used to pull together the kitchen and the living  area, but what about the common concern that a white kitchen is cold and clinical?  The way to combat that is to add some unique elements into your white kitchen in order to give it more personality. There are lots of different way that you can do this and we have outlined a couple of these options below to help you come up with some options for your own kitchen.


  • Adding a Pop of Color – The biggest concern that people have regarding white kitchen cabinets is that an all white kitchen design can end up looking very cold and clinical. So how can you avoid that doctor's surgical room atmosphere? Simple – add a pop of color as an accent. White goes with everything, so you have a huge range of options to choose from, for a striking look you could opt for a bold color like red or for something more subtle then a pale blue or apple green might be a good choice. There are a number of different ways to incorporate an accent color into your white kitchen design. A common choice is to use colored tiles on the back splash or to purchase colored appliances and accessories. With a white base you could also be bold and choose a colored counter top! The great thing is, that by including an accent color when you are ready to update the kitchen you can simply switch to a new color rather than remodeling the entire room – your white kitchen cabinets will be timeless and allow you to change your décor and style very easily.

  • Incorporating Different Textures – Another popular way to add some warmth and a unique touch to a white kitchen design is to experiment with different textures and materials to add depth to the room. In order to do this, many people choose to mix their cabinetry. For example, you may like to use high gloss white kitchen cabinets at floor level and then add contrasting wall mounted cabinets in a light wood, or perhaps with glass cabinet doors. If you are looking for a striking look then pairing white kitchen cabinets with a dark wood can be very stylish.

  • Getting The Lighting Right – If there is one aspect of kitchen design that is commonly overlooked then it has to be lighting! The days of the unflattering strip lighting in the kitchen as standard are long gone! Today, kitchen designers are getting more creative with their lighting and this is particularly good news for white kitchens! The right lighting  scheme can add warmth to the room which is why you will now see more kitchens that feature uplighters, wall sconces and even table lamps rather than harsh overhead strip lighting.

  • It's All About The Accessories – We have already touched on using accessories to add a pop of color, but they are also a great way to add a little personality to your white kitchen design. Some home owners do not really think about decorative accessories in the kitchen, but some potted plants or co-ordinating vases can add a more homey touch to a stark white kitchen. Even if you are not green fingered, there are some stunning artificial plants on the market these days. Wall art is also a great way to show your personal stlye in the kitchen, especially if your living room and kitchen are open to each other. You could select a series of paintings that can be used in both rooms to tie the two of them together.


As you can see, a white kitchen design is something that offers many benefits. One of the most important elements of interior design is creating a great flow between the different rooms of the home. This is especially important where the kitchen and living area are linked together in an open plan style. A white base is a good place to start as it will work well with most styles and colors.


If this has piqued your interest in having a white kitchen, then get in touch with today to talk about the various white kitchen cabinets that we have to offer.