There is more to consider when decorating your kitchen than just how the kitchen you design will affect that room. In many homes, the kitchen is no longer a closed off room. It has now become the norm to have the kitchen up to either the living room or the family room depending on the size of the home. With so many homes having these open floor plans, it is important to remember that the look and feel of one room is going to affect the feel of the adjoining rooms directly.  What does this mean to those individuals looking to redesign or update the look of their kitchen? It means that they need to be aware that certain colors work better to tie rooms together. One of the most popular colors as of late to achieve this goal is the use of grey kitchen cabinets.


Traditionally, one of the easiest ways to ensure that the colors used in the kitchen design of a home do not clash with the colors in the living room is to use neutral colors. Frequently when people think of neutral colors they think of tans, beiges, or whites. In recent years, there has been a tremendous change to using other neutral colors, specifically using assorted shades of grey kitchen cabinets, wall colors, flooring, and more. One of the best reasons people use grey kitchen cabinets is it can have either a warm or a cool effect on both the kitchen and the living room, when they are open to one another.


The Shades of Grey


When one hears the color grey, they may think of a neutral color that is rather drab and dull in nature. It can be considered a color that offers nothing appealing especially with respect to home décor. The reality of the situation is that grey is a neutral color that comes in a variety of different shades from cool varieties to warmer varieties which makes it an excellent option for kitchen cabinets.


How can grey kitchen cabinets come in both cool and warm shades? Simply put, the color undertones in the grey will determine whether it is cool or warm. To give an example, greys that have an assortment of blue undertones are on the cool side of the grey kitchen cabinet spectrum. Grey kitchen cabinets that have undertones in brown or yellow are more on the warm end on the spectrum. There is even a shade of grey, which is very warm and is called ‘greige’ as it almost appears to be very close in color to beige. If you have a preference for a grey that leans more towards a color similar to taupe, then selecting grey kitchen cabinets with red undertones will off you this color option.


Works Well with Most Colors


When picking out your color palette for your new kitchen design you want to select colors that will not only work well with respect to the overall look and feel of the kitchen’s style, but also the style of the house as a whole. Opting for bright colors or unusual patterns may be a better option in your kitchen design as accents, not as the base for the room as a whole. This is especially important when you have an open floor plan and the colors that you have selected for your kitchen are seen from the comfort of your living room. Additionally, the use of these unusual patterns and bold bright colors may clash with the colors used in the living room.


To prevent these types of issues the best way to approach your kitchen design is to select colors that are neutral and will blend well from one room to the next. Furthermore, using neutral colors affords more versatility when it comes to the accent colors that can be used in not only the kitchen but also the living room design.


For tremendous versatility and the freedom to use a broad range of colors in the overall design of both your kitchen and your living room, the installation of grey kitchen cabinets is ideal. You see, grey is a color that is complemented very well by any number of colors. It is very easy to pair shades of grey with colors such as pinks, purples, blues, oranges, and greens. Grey kitchen cabinets also work beautifully with traditional wood tones and white making them a very flexible kitchen design choice.


Test Your Grey Color Options


Before diving into the world of grey kitchen cabinets, it is recommended that you get samples of the different shades available prior to purchase and installation. The main reason for this is that, the color of grey used in your kitchen design will alter depending on the amount of sunlight that comes into the room. In addition, the change in light throughout the course of the day and night, can also have an impact on how the cabinets you have selected will look all hours of the day.


Designing your kitchen in a manner that will help it tie into the colors used in the living room is easier than ever. No longer do you have to stress over whether or not the color choices in your kitchen design will blend well with the colors you want to use in your living room. This is possible because the many different options in grey kitchen cabinets that are available work well with the rainbow spectrum of colors as well as multiple wood tones.