Cabinets are the first thing that you notice when entering a kitchen; they are the backbone of the room. For those looking to renovate their kitchen, there is always the same debate: . The latter were introduced in Europe and have become increasingly popular in America thanks to their modern look, as they feature a box without frames and hidden hinges.

You’ll have to choose between the two, but each choice spawns more decisions to make, from the type of wood to the shade of paint. Every choice depends on your taste and needs. While you could hire a professional, you can hang cabinets on your own with some patience and preparation.

How to Install Frameless Cabinets

Installing frameless kitchen cabinets is a relatively simple process, as long as you have the right tools. You will need:

  • A level
  • A pencil
  • A drill
  • Your cabinet materials
  • Protective gear (goggles, gloves, etc.)

First, start by measuring two points around the top of the unit and mark them with a pencil. Next, create two holes at each marked point. You can use any type of drill, but make sure that the area is securely protected. The depth of each hole has to be the same, as this will ensure that the cabinet stands straight.

It can be difficult to tell when something isn’t even just by looking at it; this is where our level comes in. Always line up at least two points on the cabinet with the level and make sure that both readings indicate that the surface is even before moving on.

Now, attach the hinges to the cabinet door–this step requires careful preparation so that the doors will open and close properly. For better results, precision is key, so make sure to mark where the hinges will be installed. One of the main characteristics of frameless cabinets is that they feature hidden hinges, which makes them appear seamless. For an upgraded look, it is common to install several cabinets next to one another.

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How to Connect Frameless Cabinets

next to each other adds a new dimension to your kitchen. In order to install them, note the dimensions of your kitchen space to ensure that all of the cabinets will fit correctly. You’ll also need the right tools: level, drill, screws, and adhesive.

Once you have measured everything, use your level and pencil to mark where you will drill into the wall. Then, adjust the marks until they are level with one another before securing everything in place. If you are installing cabinets of different heights, it is recommended to first screw the upper ones.

For an easier installation, install a ledger board so you can rest the upper cabinets on it while drilling them to the wall. Then, you can move on to install the lower cabinets. Now, you’ll have plenty of empty storage space, and you can install drawers. If you are wondering , it is a relatively simple task. Be sure to measure and mark exact points before securing anything in place.

In Conclusion

Understanding that patience and precision are important when setting kitchen cabinets is the first step towards a successful installation. Make sure that you gather quality materials and take the necessary safety measures. Check out 27EStore for the latest materials on home decoration!