You might be wondering why you should bother to update the interior doors in your home. After all, they are just there to offer privacy or keep the heat in, right? Wrong! In fact, installing new interior doors could actually add to the overall value of your home! With the housing market as precarious as it currently is, homeowners every where are looking for new ways to add a little more value to their property and one of the easiest and most cost effective ways is to update the interior doors and rim in your home to something a little more fashionable!

Doors are so much more than just an entrance into a room! They are now available in so many diverse styles, patterns and materials that they can actually become a focal point in terms of your room's décor! Gone are the days when you were restricted to plain oak doors with little to no detailing. At 27estore our range of interior doors now includes a wide range of wooden doors in contemporary designs.  We use a wide range of materials including walnut, red oak and mahogany and you can choose from a variety of panel designs and even opt to have some glass set into the door which not only updates the look, but offers additional light into your room.

On average, a home has around 17 doors. You probably don't even realise it, but try counting them in your head right now! Not only do your rooms have doors, but perhaps built in cupboards, passage ways and bi-fold closets! Often these doors will be mismatched from room to room. Perhaps the closets were installed at a later date, maybe you had to replace the kitchen door when it got damaged. Whatever the reason, over the years our homes can end up like a bit of a patchwork quilt! Replacing all of those doors with a matching set is an instant way to update the look of your home and tie it all together. This will in turn add value to your home should you ever choose to sell it.

If we can be of any assistance regarding what sort of doors would be suitable for your home please do get in touch.