If you are looking for a really up to date and fashionable look for your kitchen then forget wood! Why not take a look at our stunning brushed aluminum cabinet doors? These modern doors are made entirely to our customers' specifications so you will be able to order the correct size to allow you to just update your cabinet door without the need to replace your entire kitchen. We can usually make delivery within 2 weeks and our doors are constructed right here in the USA.

The great thing about these aluminum doors is that the material is so strong and durable. These cabinet doors are going to last you for many years to come! The brushed aluminim surface is laminated for extra protection and they are so easy to maintain with water and non-abrassive detergent. If you are at all unsure about this material then why not take advantage of our cabinet door sample service which allows you to purchase a sample of the material to see in your own home.


Metal is a huge trend in interior design at the moment, and with brushed aluminum you get all of the style without turning your kitchen into a cold sterile area! It is not harsh like stainless steel, in fact it is so smooth and beautiful that you will be desperate to run your hand across it's soft surface! Unlike many alternatives to wood, these cabinet doors are not going to date quickly. Metal has been a big feature in kitchens for many years and thanks to it's aesthetic appeal and durability it will remain so for many years to come.

This is your opportunity to drag a tired kitchen right into the 21st century and beyond, so do not delay! Order that sample material today and you could have a trendy new kitchen by the end of this month!