If you are intending to replace the interior doors in your home, you have a number of factors which you will want to consider when choosing which type of interior doors are best for your home.

One of the main considerations is of course the massive amount of choice when it comes to the designs and styles which are available. At 27 estore we pride ourselves on having a style to suit every taste and budget! Just some of the options available include : Plain, Hinged, Paneled and Recessed Panel. That's before we even consider the available materials including various types of wood and different glass accents.

One of our most popular interior door types is our range of Interior Transom Doors. These particular doors are designed to offer a unique and modern style which provides additional natural light to the room by way of frosted glass panels. These panels are subtle and diffuse the light beautifully giving any room a light and airy feel.

Transom interior doors are available in a range of different woods and our sales staff are happy to recommend the right one for your room. Some spaces can benefit from the classic look of treated oak, rich mahogany or warm walnut, while more contemporary areas may be better suited to something a little more exotic such as wenge or zebrano wood. The woods can be blended together to create striking patterns if desired. Using a light and a dark wood together either as small accents or in a checker board pattern can create a highly fashionable look in your room. The same goes for the frosted glass panels. All of our Transom interior doors have a top panel of glass as standard. However, you might also chose to add further glass panels in the main body of the door to allow even more light into the room.

The best thing about the Transom interior door range is that you can be confident it will last for years to come. These doors (and indeed all of our doors at 27 estore) do not use honeycomb structure. We use only solid wood. The doors come complete as pre hung doors including hinges, frame and molding sets. The frames are solid hardwood from eco-friendly sources and we can assure you: these are built for daily use!