Kitchens in homes need to be fully functional as well as being aesthetically pleasing to all those that use the room. To have a fully functional room, the cabinetry in the kitchen needs to provide adequate work surface for the preparation of meals. In addition, it is important that the kitchen have plenty of storage space for all of the pans, utensils, food items, and other things needed in the kitchen. With expanding family size, individuals may decide that they need to add more storage space to their kitchen by way of new kitchen cabinets. For those that want to add a new modern or contemporary look to their kitchen, 27estore has a vast array of cabinetry that will work for all design tastes.


27estore’s extensive line of kitchen cabinets give homeowners everything that they need to create the perfect modern or contemporary design desired. All of the cabinets, from the base, wall, and tall cabinets are created with only the most durable materials. Only real Italian wood veneers are used to finish the kitchen cabinets, from the cabinet doors to all of the exposed sides making the cabinets uniform in their appearance. The craftsman at 27estore want to ensure that not only do you get the look that you want for your new updated kitchen, but they want it created with only the finest materials and not laminates or imitation wood. With 27estore, customer satisfaction is our priority.

The line of kitchen cabinetry that we have to choose from, at, also varies in the colors and designs available to ensure that all designs, from modern, contemporary, or sleek exotic looks are attainable. We offer ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinet options in styles from high gloss white, to natural maple, wenge, rosewood, and a host of other options. All kitchen cabinets are also frameless and have Euro style doors. No matter what kitchen cabinet you select you will have only the highest quality cabinets that will not only enhance the appearance of your kitchen, but your kitchen cabinets will also offer you all of the storage space and prep area you need. Contact today to start on your remodel.