Maybe you were inspired by a Joanna Gaines house flip that had , maybe you decided to take the leap and transform your kitchen into the same one you saw in that elegant coffee table book on interior design, or maybe you hand-curated the perfect Pinterest board for your dream kitchen knowing how wall colors can be used to change the look of the room and complement the cabinets.
Whatever your motivation, you opted to revitalize the heart and soul of your home—the kitchen.

When it comes to interior design, you will find yourself juggling with many decisions. Should you go for something classic or trendy? What pieces should you really invest in, and which ones can be changed more freely? Can you ?

It can feel overwhelming, but it really just comes down to a few primary decisions. The rest can flow with your evolving taste and style.

How to Design Based on Wall Color and Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are the most important design choice you can make for your kitchen.

The all-white kitchen is fading in popularity and cream-colored kitchens are taking its place. Interior designers are finding that the warm undertones offered by cream cabinets erase that sterile feeling that can come with all-white kitchens. Even if you keep your walls white, cream accents offer enough neutral offset to pop in a subtle, elegant way.

If monochromatic and duotone styles are not your taste, cream cabinets create a perfect canvas for introducing more patterns and colors.

Last year, we saw a trend of using neutral tones in kitchens. Navy accents or muted colors stood out against cream cabinets to elevate the space. What’s the best part about moving away from white cabinets? is so much easier than cleaning white ones. Cream cabinets better hide the little accidents that occur in the kitchen compared, so you can enjoy your kitchen to its fullest without worry.

Utilize Color With Appliances to Create Contrast

If you understand that your kitchen is an investment, you will surely invest in appliances built to last. The fridge and stove are not something you need to hide and can be drawn in as important design elements. Neutral tones, such as cream, allow stainless steel to pop in a chic and simple way. A simple cabinet replacement and repainting your walls are quick ways to stylize your kitchen.

Use Texture to Shake Up a Monochromatic Style

The past few years were dominated by minimalist designs inspired by earth tones and soft neutrals. Kitchens can feel more natural with these tones, and classic kitchen designs often include making walls and cabinets the same color. If you’re looking to disrupt the old failsafe design tactic, invest in textured cabinets or create a textured wall.

You’ll be over the moon with 27estore’s walnut wood cabinet doors. They are versatile in style, offering a natural look while creating stand-out pieces in your modern kitchen.

Multi-Colored Backsplashes Maximize Maximalists

In response to the minimalist design movement, we have also seen a maximalist revival. A simple, multicolored backsplash that shares a color with your cabinets can provide a bold design without appearing too “matchy.”

Your cabinets are ultimately the most important investment pieces after your appliances. You will want to invest in cabinets that are high-quality and in a color that can be as versatile as you. Backsplashes can be replaced, but more often than not, they add a charm to the home that makes your kitchen stand out in a way that wallpaper simply cannot.

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Get Creative with Contrast

If you want to refresh your all-white kitchen but still love the clean feeling of white, you can find other ways to create contrast. Natural textures and colors in cabinets create a clean yet organic look to your kitchen. You can keep your walls and countertops white, but replace the cabinets with beige or cream-colored cabinets with texture.

Final Thoughts

There is no wrong way to design your kitchen. A monochromatic kitchen is timeless, but also easy to alter or adapt with the right cabinets. Your investment pieces should be high-quality and versatile because it’s easier to paint your walls or change the knobs on your cabinets than rip out and replace cabinets and appliances.

To find more ideas about elevating the cabinets in your kitchen redesign, we recommend checking out the wide selection in our catalog for inspiration and expertise!