When it comes to refreshing your home’s look and design, the primary considerations for most people are cost and quality. Not everyone can make the time or financial investment to completely gut their kitchen and replace everything—and you don’t have to!

You could be trying to refresh your but you don’t want to replace that timeless granite countertop. Whether you are just looking for a quick refresh to your kitchen or a cost-effective way to preserve your counters during renovations, it’s important to know your options.

You’ll be happy to know that you can replace your kitchen cabinets without replacing your countertops–the trick is to do this without damaging the countertops. That said, replacing the cabinets and keeping your countertops is much easier than you would anticipate. Once you , the process becomes much more streamlined, too.

A successful renovation comes down to having an experienced team. You can lead the design and ask questions–such as whether or which backsplash to use–while others put the plan into action. Having a qualified team of experts can take the stress out of the design and work needed to craft your perfect kitchen. If you choose to be more hands-on with your project, 27estore has a breakdown of what needs to be done or what you can expect your talented crew to do.

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How to Replace Cabinets Without Removing Countertops

Here are the steps to take when replacing cabinets while leaving the countertops in place:

Loosen Cabinet Installation Screws

After your cabinets are emptied, you will notice screws at the back of the cabinet securing them to the wall. Keep in mind that countertops are very heavy and must be supported so they do not rip off the wall or become damaged.

You will want to loosen the screws you found at the back of the cabinet. Be sure to check if:

  • The cabinet is installed directly into the floor or somewhere else–if it is secured directly to the floor, you will need to consult professionals for this removal.

  • The toe base does not have a separate workpiece–if it is built directly into the cabinet, you will not be able to do the removal without damaging the cabinet. This means you will have to destroy the cabinet in order to replace it with a new one.

Use Studs Appropriately

Stone and granite countertops are extremely heavy. As you remove parts of the cabinet, use two-inch by four-inch studs to support the countertop. When you remove one side, replace it with a mounted, sturdy stud. Repeat this method as you continue to remove the old cabinet.

Install Your Dream Cabinets

Now that the old cabinets have been removed, it is time to replace them with new ones. Carefully push the cabinet walls into place, and remove the studs once they have been replaced by a supporting wall of new cabinets. Once they are in place, you can tighten the screws to secure your new cabinet in place.

To Wrap Up

You will want to factor in what needs to be done when replacing cabinets attached to plumbing, such as your kitchen sink. This adds several steps and can complicate the process of replacing cabinets without replacing cabinets, which is why we recommend consulting with experts before undertaking this type of project.

Luckily, 27estore is a high-quality cabinet manufacturer that can connect you with the professionals needed for your kitchen renovation so that it runs smoothly and is done with style!