One of the most used rooms in any home is that of the kitchen. With all of the time spent in the kitchen, and all of the wear and tear, the room can become dull and boring. The once vibrant kitchen colors can fade over time leaving the room’s colors faded. One way to revive or spice up the look of your kitchen is to invest in new kitchen cabinets from 27estore. Purchasing cabinets from them will allow you not only to add additional storage space, and more preparation area, but you can change the entire appearance of you room.

Why settle for a kitchen that is not appealing to look like and does not offer you all of the storage space that you need? By investing in new kitchen cabinets, perhaps changing the configuration of your kitchen, you will have a room that is not only highly functional, but is also an aesthetically pleasing room. 27estore offers a host of colors and patterns that will help you create exactly the look you are going for in your interior design. If you prefer a simplistic look and light colors antique white cabinets may be the option for you, prefer darker exotic colors, then choose wenge with aluminum glass cabinet doors for accent.


The kitchen cabinets at 27estore not only come in a wide selection of wood options, but they are also extremely well constructed. All of the cabinets purchased, from the base, wall, and tall cabinets, come equipped with SoftClose doors and all the cabinets with drawers have custom Birchwood drawer boxes. Additionally, the kitchen cabinets that can be purchased at are ready-to-assemble and ready-to-install. In the event that you cannot find the exact cabinet design or size that you need to complete your kitchen to your exact design specifications custom cabinetry is available.


To revive or spice up your dull, worn out kitchen, consider new RTA kitchen cabinets from 27estore. There you will find high quality cabinets that will bring a new look to your kitchen but add the additional storage space and prep area you need.