Slatwall looks contemporary, natural, streamlined, and chic and works equally well in Scandinavian-style bathrooms, bedrooms, and open-plan living spaces.

Our extensive range of wooden paneling makes it easy to to suit the aesthetic and style you’d like to create, from rich, dark wood finishes to bright, light, and airy tones.

Using Slatwall Panels in Your Property

So, , and how can it refresh and reimagine the rooms in your home? Slatwall is a well-known name for timber wood panels, which can be built in varied patterns and structures.

For example:

  • Our Bleached Oak Wall Paneling is a calming creamy color, made with Italian natural veneers. Large-scale panels can cover broader wall areas, with each panel measuring up to four by eight feet.
  • The popular Ebony Macassar Wood Veneer Wall Panels are an opulent, exotic hue with custom-order sizing to create warmth.
  • High-Gloss Color Lacquered Wall Panels are amazing for color pops, eclectic décor, and children’s rooms where you’d like a creative, energetic, and vibrant atmosphere.

These are only a few of our large catalog of slatwall options, and they demonstrate the range of effects you can achieve while covering older, uneven, or poor-condition walls with a smooth, level finish.

Slatwall is particularly effective where you wish to add texture and a modern feel. It is a cost-effective, quick way to completely transform a space by building a statement natural wooden focal point or cladding each wall for a uniform appearance.

Design Opportunities Using Single Slat Walls

Looking for a fast and attractive way to reinvigorate your property? Try some of our straightforward projects that look incredible.

Slatwall Chimney Breasts

If you have an extending chimney breast in your home, paneling it with slatwall changes blank, featureless areas into a stylistic space, creating clean vertical lines to increase the perceived ceiling height by elongating your room.

Statement Slatwall Headboards

Want to make your bedroom or guest room look more welcoming, cozy, and warm? A slatwall headboard behind the bed gives a hotel-like feel while taking little time to fit. You can also use slatwall in older children's bedrooms as a sophisticated replacement for wall coverings they have grown out of.

Slatwall Panels in Dark Corners

Paler slatwall brings light to darker, shadowy, or forgotten corners. It can instantly make a back wall or the end of a hallway stand out, using natural timber colors that work with any décor scheme.

Installing Slatwall in Different Rooms

The modern look of slatwall surpasses traditional paneling because it feels more contemporary without appearing cold or stark. You can panel whole walls floor to ceiling, use slatwall on one wall in each room, or connect spaces with an organic, flowing ambiance.

Slat kitchen walls work brilliantly and, with a little ingenuity, can conceal built-in appliances and work as a dual-purpose cabinetry feature. In bedrooms, slatwall can work as a room divider, adding privacy and splitting spaces into snugs, reading nooks, or storage spaces without obscuring the natural light.

Panels also make a great impact for:

  • Feature media walls to add elegance and design to mounted TVs and electronics
  • Coordinated staircases with a sweeping, graceful line from one floor to the next
  • Ceiling finishes, giving a distinct look of timber cladding

Slatwall is a huge interior décor trend but can be used in a multitude of ways to make your home feel relaxing and effortlessly modern.

The Benefits of Adding Slatwall Panels to Your Interior

Slatwall is a popular choice and simple to fit without the mess, time, and disruption of hanging wallpaper or repainting your internal walls. It is also a great option for busy households with multiple features and characteristics:

  • Durability: we stock premium slatwall panels with natural wood veneers designed to last and withstand the rigors of family life.
  • Affordability: slatwall can be used to create statement walls and accents or standalone features.
  • Customization: your choice of timber, color, and sizing allows you to tailor your décor to your personality, property, and style.
  • Versatility: as we've explained, slatwall looks fantastic in any room and can be adapted to your required wall covering size.

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