Slatwall is a wall covering created from beautifully smooth natural timber panels. It looks modern, sleek, and high-quality, outperforming conventional alternatives in style, ease of installation, and low maintenance features.

If you’re ready to redecorate your home and looking for to create something a little less ordinary, we’ll help you , how they work, and why they’re the hottest trend in interior décor.

Unsure and worried that you don't have the requisite DIY skills? We recommend the innovative Z-clip system, with brackets that slide onto each board and take little time to fit.

How Does Slatwall Work?

There are hundreds of slatwall finishes to choose from, varying from traditional oak veneers, contemporary gloss panels, and pale, luxe blonde woods. The installation process is the same for any panel, and 27EStore can cut your panels to any custom size to ensure they are ready to fit.

Slatwall is an excellent option if your walls are bland, plain, or uneven, or you can fit one paneled wall as a focal point to add color, texture, and aesthetic to any room in your property. You can also use slatwall on individual sections as an accent to offset soft furnishings, panel one aspect of your kitchen, or bring an organic vibe to living spaces and lounges.

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Why Consider Slatwall for Your Redesign Project?

We’d always advise having a think about the effect you’d like your room to have before you make any redesign decisions, looking at the furniture, light fittings, colors, and themes that make your space distinct. A mood board or sample fabrics and paint swatches can be a great way to piece your ideas together and see if they work cohesively to create the impact you’d like.

From there, you can browse our wood paneling catalog to see which textures, shades, and panel dimensions are a great match for your design aspirations. There are plenty of reasons to opt for slatwall, either as a wall covering material for the whole room or to make one statement wall or focal point stand out.

Personalized Interior Style

Your home is where you spend a great deal of time, and the feel and relaxation your décor brings are important to make it uniquely yours. Slatwall comes in almost any color, style, or design you can think of, with a large color palette and range of shades.

The traditional feel of timber brings elegance and sophistication to your property while adding a modern twist, and the smooth, tactile feeling is great for adding warmth and a sense of personal style.

Practical Insulation

Although slatwall is primarily used for the quality finish it offers, it's also a practical option and adds value to your interior rather than simply acting as a design feature.

Timber panels have the capacity to boost your insulation in the winter, retaining heat and adding a layer to your internal and external walls.

Achieving a Perfect Finish

Walls often collect dents and cracks over time and can be difficult to repair, particularly if you have a busy home where fingerprints, marks, and scratches are inevitable.

Tough, veneered wood is durable and can conceal a flawed wall to present a beautiful, pristine outer appearance while being simple to clean and care for.

Low Maintenance

If your slatwall has marks, you can wipe them down without any further work required. Cemented walls and paintwork can be expensive to repair, requiring masonry, repainting, filling, or plastering.

In contrast, a stunning slatwall can withstand all sorts of knocks and impacts, and in the worst-case scenario, you can unclip a panel and replace it, using our custom cutting service to achieve the exact size.

Eco-Friendly Décor

Using timber paneling rather than paint is ideal for many families, particularly where somebody has a sensitivity or allergy and finds that the chemicals and scent of paint mixtures, wallpaper adhesives, and other materials affect them.

Many manufacturers recommend toxin-free paint, but slatwall is a brilliant alternative. Natural, responsibly sourced timbers are ideal for families and households of all ages, with a smooth, long-lasting finish.

For more ideas about incorporating slatwall into your refurbishment or redecoration project or the expanse of colors, styles, and wood finishes available, be sure to check out 27EStore’s slatwall and wood paneling ranges for inspiration!