offer extra light while still providing seclusion at the same time. Because the glass panel is placed high, an interior transom door is ideal for any office or any room in the home where privacy is desired. The key benefit is that you never feel as though you’re walled in, even when the door is shut. A transom door ensures that your room never induces claustrophobia and offers the perfect supplement to the light that passes through your outdoor windows.

For even more light, you can opt for a transom door that has several glass panes on the door itself. One design, called the “tWENTY2 transom door,” offers a vertical glass insert. Together, the transom glass and the vertical pane make a sort of T-shape. This style is ideal for you if you’re looking for something new and different. Because it stands out from the crowd, even the casual observer will note its uniqueness. Whether you choose walnut or some other veneer, the tWENTY2 transom door is an example of distinctive design and will boost the overall value of your home.

tWENTY2 interior transom door

The design is just as important as the content. Just as sweet treats with real ingredients are preferable to those with preservatives and additives, your transom interior doors should offer more than fluff. They need to be dense and solid so that they wear better over time. They also should also be made in an eco-friendly way. Natural is always best.

Far and away, the most fun in shopping for interior transom doors is choosing the wood color. Bleached oak is perfect if you need to set a contemporary tone, while the light oak veneers transcend time. Wenge and teak are ideal if you want a more exotic-looking species. Walnut is the deepest and darkest shade. Grey oak and red oak are both classic woods in unconventional colors, while mahogany is associated with beauty and strength.

Don’t get too hung up with your wood choice. If you’re having trouble deciding, go with your first instinct. Your intuition sometimes puts information together better than your logic is able to. If shopping for transom interior doors is stressful, you’re doing something wrong. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you’ve got friends with chic style, ask them to look at your favorite designs on the door website. Your friends will definitely have an opinion, and they’ll be flattered that you asked for their help. Most importantly, do not sacrifice quality. You will regret not choosing gorgeous, well-designed interior transom doors.