All-glass  were never very practical in homes, simply because they did not offer privacy or customization. Designers heard this complaint and came up with a range of solutions. Available in single or  options, today’s interior wood doors offer several glass options. Whether you choose black glass, frosted glass, or clear glass, you can let the light shine in while maintaining some semblance of privacy.

The newest look offers glass in atypical places on the door. For example, a popular interior door is the “Wenge Glass 2.” A glass stripe runs from the top to the bottom of the door. The glass is frosted, so it doesn’t look like an old-fashioned office door. Instead, it sets a modern, updated vibe. The wood choices range the gamut from wenge to bleached oak to zebrawood. The wood veneer options are truly endless.

Wenge Glass interior door

This brings us to one of the most frequently asked questions: How does one decide which finish to opt for? The decision is entirely personal, but it helps to look for a finish that is natural wood. There are plenty of eco-friendly wood options from managed forests. A laminate or plain finish is just not ideal for making a statement, while a real wood veneer stands out.

Most designers are getting away from fixed rules, meaning that you have more freedom than ever in choosing the right interior glass doors for your home. Yes, you can mix woods. If you’re flooring is a dark wood color, it’s perfectly acceptable – and possible preferable – to go with bleached oak doors for some juxtaposition. Purists enjoy the monotone look, so your choice is ultimately one of personal taste.

One suggestion is to keep all doors similar that will be on the same floor, for purposes of flow and harmony. This is in keeping with the current recommendation from real estate experts, who recommend against constant wood changes on the same floor. They don’t want to see, for example, oak floors in the kitchen, dark walnut floors in the living room, and then light maple floors in the bedroom. Rules are made to be broken, so do as you must, but your house will have less disconnect if each floor has interior doors with similar tones and styling.

Remember, quality interior glass doors offer timeless appeal. Don’t be alarmed if you choose teak doors and then hear an expert declare on your favorite design show that oak is out of style. By next week, you’ll hear a different designer declare that modern oak doors are in. Even designers have disagreements, so do not be paralyzed with fear when deciding on the right interior glass doors for your home.