Whether you’re building or just remodeling,  have come a long way. With everything from Italian doors to , you have a real opportunity to set your house apart from your neighbor’s. Because of their taller height, 8-foot doors are a noticeable feature in your home. You can set any kind of tone you desire. Seize the opportunity and think about what unique persona your house should have. By looking through photos, your gut will tell you which style fits best.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for 8-ft. doors:

1. Is the door eco-friendly? This question is important for resale purposes. Many buyers are specifically looking for homes with eco-clean materials. Some buyers not only want to be good to the earth, they also want to be good to themselves. Eco-friendly goods offer unseen health benefits. Only now are we discovering how products with formaldehyde affect human health. Carpet and other manmade materials can wreak havoc on the immune system and incite asthmatic responses. By selecting , you’ll be able to highlight their eco-clean certification when you’re ready to sell your house.

2. Is the door solid? Beware the compromise that you make by selecting a low-priced interior door. Not only will the door look inexpensive, it will feel inexpensive when you or someone else shuts it. And don’t forget the noise factor. When you’re trying to concentrate, nothing’s worse than annoying sounds coming through closed doors. Look for doors filled with recycled wood – not paper.

3. Are jambs included? Ideally, molding and jambs will be included with your door purchase. This ensures a seamless look.

4. Does the door fit with the style of the rest of your home? You don’t have to over-think this issue. Designer doors are luxury doors and have timeless appeal. If you see a door that’s gorgeous, that’s probably the right one for you. Some people prefer a matchy-matchy look, while others prefer some contrast in wood tones.

Zebrano Wenge 8ft interior door

Doors with matte glass are perfect for letting the light come through while still offering privacy. The Zebrano Wenge 8 ft. door at 27estore.com delivers serious drama and offers a range of wood tones on a single door. The Italian 8-foot aluminum-frame door sets a definite European vibe; the 8-foot, Italian-made red gloss door is like the ultimate sports car in the world of doors.

Once you’re done with your project, don’t be surprised if your friends and neighbors are a bit jealous. Designer eight-foot doors make a lavish, sumptuous statement.