A fresh coat of paint is the least expensive and quickest way to transform any living space and can be a great final step when replacing bathroom cabinet doors. Painting is very DIY-friendly, regardless if you are using a brush and rollers or are painting cabinet doors with a spray gun. As long as you prep and organize your project, you’ll love the process just as much as the results. 


If you feel like your kitchen or bathroom needs a new look and you want something bolder than simply staining cabinet doors, we’ve got you covered. Here are some unique ideas to consider:


Using stencils is a great way to introduce a pattern or design with paint. Stencils are easy to use and let you express your style. With stenciling, you can mimic the effects of wallpaper, tile, or inlay wood designs.


Choosing two colors of paint can have an amazing impact. You can use any combination of light and dark or muted and bold. Lighter top cabinets can be anchored by deeper bottom cabinets, giving the room balance. 


Just be sure the colors complement one another, even if there is a lot of contrast between the two. For example, white top cabinets with black bottom cabinets are a classic but strong aesthetic. 

Bright and Bold

You can make a statement by choosing a paint color that is somewhat atypical for kitchen cabinets. Red, pink, and green are sure to stand out. The trick to pulling it off is to keep the other kitchen elements balanced and painted in softer colors and tones that complement the intense color of the cabinets. 

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You can also flip this idea and utilize bold wallpaper or wall paint with a more subtle cabinet color. This will still offer focal contrast and intrigue. 

Dark and Moody

Rich and romantic, deep greens, reds, and navies offer a lush aesthetic. Burgundy and emerald shades create a more intimate room, but keep in mind dark colors will look even darker without a lot of sunlight. You can adjust the lighting for rooms without a lot of natural light or to keep them well-lit during the evening.


If you are looking for an option that leans more neutral but takes a break from the greige kitchen standard, you can use less traditional colors in softer forms. Powder or sky blue, mint green, and creamy pinks and yellows are unique enough without being over the top. You can use darker versions of the pastel color you choose as accents throughout the kitchen. 

Uniform Color Palette 

Keeping the walls and cabinets the same shade of paint creates a surge of color and makes your cabinets appear more expansive. Without the contrast, the cabinetry and walls will have a more seamless feel. You can be more traditional with this style and keep it airy and light, or be daring and go all black.

Wrapping Up

Paint offers a wonderful opportunity to express your creativity and style in a home renovation through the use of color and texture or patterns. The best part is that paint can easily be changed or updated, too. 


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