Brighten Your Kitchen Cabinetry




Having ample lighting in the kitchen is essential. Unfortunately getting all of the light you need is not possible with typical pendant and recessed light fixtures. Why don’t they work? The answer is simple; they do not always offer enough light where you need it the most – on your kitchen counters.

Why is this an issue? Standard lighting doesn’t provide adequate lighting for those surfaces where wall cabinets are installed. This lack of lighting creates dark areas in your kitchen. Fortunately, now you can use the Integrated LED aluminum profile lighting system to brighten up your kitchen cabinetry.


In the above photo, you can see that the area underneath the red cabinetry is dark. When prepping food this can prove to be hazardous, especially when using a knife to chop or slice food. The installation of under the cabinet lighting would help ensure safe food preparation. By seamlessly installing the Integrated LED aluminum profile lighting system the second photo gives a visual representation of the difference this light system can make in your kitchen.


In this side by side comparison, you can see the difference the Integrated LED aluminum profile lighting system makes on a countertop.


Brightening up your kitchen counters is not the only benefit of this LED lighting system. Traditional under cabinet lighting can be extremely bulky and unsightly. This leads to the need for extra trim pieces to conceal them. Although you are getting the benefits from the additional lighting, this extra trim can disrupt the flow and clean lines your kitchen cabinetry once possessed.

The overall change in appearance isn’t the only issue traditional under cabinet lighting causes. Along with all the extra work you are also forced to spend unnecessary funds for the transformation. If you choose to not add the trim the complete look of your kitchen cabinetry will have the unsightly eyesore that is traditional under cabinet lighting.


The Integrated LED aluminum profile lighting system does more than help you avoid using those bulky lighting systems. They are also designed to illuminate the interior of your wall kitchen cabinets. This is a benefit you’ll never get from traditional lights for under wall cabinets.


When you choose to seamlessly integrate under cabinet lighting with this LED lighting system you get multiple benefits. You can see things clearer on the countertops as well as showing off your favorite dishes.


These LED strips will add an extra dimension of light and appeal to wall cabinetry featuring glass cabinet doors. The integration of this lighting system into your kitchen provides that highly sought after additional light.

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The Integrated LED aluminum profile lighting system doesn’t just provide much-needed light. As a result of its sleek design, it is still possible to tuck your fingers underneath the cabinet doors and open them. This prevents the need for additional cabinet door pulls, which saves money and keeps the look sleek and seamless. It also helps reduce the number of fingerprints on your cabinet doors.

If your kitchen is lacking the necessary amount of lighting one of the best things you can do is incorporate under cabinet lighting. The Integrated LED aluminum profile lighting systems are one of the best options available. It affords illumination in and under your wall cabinets all while saving you money. They also help you maintain the clean lines you desire in your kitchen. Don’t settle for the traditional, bulky option when a better option is available.