What are RTA kitchen cabinets? They are “ready to assemble”, and this means that you will have to take such a factor into serious consideration if you are also tackling a project of the DIY (do it yourself) variety. Why? Most are not at all complicated to piece together, but if you are not sure about measurements and common installation practices you may need to hire a knowledgeable assistant to ensure the project goes as planned. Of course, that is really the only “downside” to choosing this route for a remodel or renovation project.

While you might leap to the conclusion that RTA kitchen cabinets are not going to be as impressive in their appearance as custom-made designer options, you would be wrong. In fact, many people choose such cabinetry in order to obtain a very high-end result. They do so because there are options for purchasing them in exotic and rare wood veneers. For instance, a savvy shopper could outfit their entire kitchen in gorgeous and unique Zebrawood cabinets and cupboards that are entirely RTA. They would have such a wide option of styles and designs to choose from that they could create a truly customized space, while relying entirely on RTA kitchen cabinets for the job.

Most lines of RTA cabinets come with wall and base models, unique door and drawer configurations, and sizes not usually found in standard “off the shelf” prefabricated and fully-assembled options. Most can be found in a huge number of finishes and woods, with the best options being environmentally friendly and using the best joining and finishing techniques too. This means you may want to look for descriptions that include “dovetail”, “wood veneers”, “no laminates”, and “strong construction” in order to know you are getting a top quality product which will lead to the best results.