One of the most unique ways to upgrade a room is to add new moldings and new interior doors. This is particularly true when the doors themselves are in poor condition or of a lower quality than the rest of the space. Consider the fact that many modern homes have inexpensive and hollow doors installed by their builders as a way to keep costs low. Since these are the very first item encountered when entering a room they can often lead someone to view the space as “cheap” or “low quality”, even when the rest of the room is well-designed.

It is remarkably easy to remove any door that is out of place within the rest of the environment, and most are sold as pre-hung models. This means that installation of such a door can be an easy DIY project for even someone with the most basic carpentry skills.

It helps to understand that interior doors can be found in unfinished and prefinished styles. They can be made from a variety of hard woods, and even most of the environmentally conscious people of the world will have plenty of options from which to choose. Interior doors can be modernistic in style, they might have the good looks of an older home, and they can be full of all kinds of gadgets that make them function and install much easier.

For instance, custom interior doors with self-regulating jambs are designed to accommodate uneven or irregular walls and frames. They can be also found as transom doors which allow light in through the top of the framing. Another option might be French interior doors which can serve as exterior or interior doors, and they can be found as complete kits which contain all of the moldings in addition to the jambs and framing too.

When looking for an easy and affordable way to update any room in the home, it is a good idea to start with your interior doors.