Have you heard of  Wenge wood? It is actually a remarkably beautiful timber with origins in Africa. It is used for musical instruments because of its malleability and gorgeous coloration, but it is also a very popular choice for interior doorskitchen cabinets, and wall panels too. When used for interior spaces, Wenge is usually considered a bold and exotic choice due to its deep, rich hues and its interesting texture.

The average appearance of the wood is described as a “partridge pattern” due to its striking variations between extremely dark and light grains. It is often used to make a significant statement in any space. Thus, a minimalist home might have natural wood floors in a very light color, walls painted in a pale hue, and a very bold Wenge wood door. Additionally, such options tend to be “lightened up” even further by the use of glass panels or transom features too.

For example, there are Wenge glass doors with a simple stripe of frosted glass running from the top to the bottom of the door and offsetting what might have otherwise been a far too “heavy” addition of dark color.

Many might believe that the material is too dark for a space such as a kitchen or bathroom, but that is not an accurate assessment. For one thing, a truly modern décor could successfully incorporate the material just as easily as an “exotic” aesthetic could too. In fact, the wood might be the foundation for the overall theme because it works so well with all other materials, including different metals and other woods.

Electing to use this material also comes with a few other rewards. For one thing, it is incredibly durable. It is also easy to maintain and can be cleaned with a swipe of damp cloth as well.