When doing a home renovation, many people opt for floating cabinets. Given how stylish and versatile they are, it is fairly easy to understand are often at the top of the list. Whether you are considering or laminate cabinets, you will want to know how high off the ground they should be installed.

The height and location of where you mount them are very important factors to consider. After all, the height will affect both the functionality and the overall aesthetic they bring to the space.

Whether you are just now starting to weigh the pros and cons of floating cabinets, or you are preparing for installation, know that you have come to the right place. The height of your floating cabinet does matter, and we are here to walk you through a few factors to keep in mind.

The Right Height Can Vary

You might be happy to know that there is no specific height requirement that must be met for floating cabinets–you can choose how high off the floor your cabinets will be installed.

Before you pick a random spot on the wall, let’s discuss a few factors that are worth keeping in mind before mounting your cabinets:

Consider the Room’s Function

Before you pull out a measuring tape, be sure to consider the room’s primary usage.

If you are installing floating kitchen cabinets, you will most likely want to install them at a height that is comfortable for preparing and cooking food. If you are unsure, note that the standard kitchen counter is thirty-six inches high.

If you are looking to place a floating cabinet in the living room or in a bedroom, the guidelines fluctuate. In this instance, it’s important to ask yourself what the primary use of the cabinet will be–if it will be used primarily as a television stand, opt for a height that feels natural to you; if you are mounting the television onto the wall, it might be better to place your floating cabinet a little higher off the ground.

The same flexibility is important for other uses. For example, if you foresee yourself using this cabinet primarily for light storage, it can be higher off the ground.

Keep User Height in Mind

How tall are the people that will be using the space? Be sure to take this into account before mounting a floating cabinet. After all, a cabinet placed too high or too low can quickly become difficult to reach or use.

A good tip we like to pass along is to mount a floating cabinet at a height that is an arm’s length distance when standing.

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In the End, It Comes Down to Preference

Sure, the average height of the users and primary use of the space matters, but so does preference. At the end of the day, it is truly up to you to decide how high off the ground you want your cabinet to be. That’s the beauty of floating cabinets—you get to customize them to your liking.

Keep in mind that the height of a floating cabinet can impact the visual balance of the room and that installing floating cabinets is as stress-free as should you need to in the future. Be sure to consider the proportions of everything else in the room–a room with high ceilings might look better with taller cabinets that are placed higher off the ground; conversely, a smaller room would be best complemented with lower-placed cabinets.