Whether you are a homeowner looking to renovate your home or in the business of buying and selling fixer-uppers and working on your latest project, floating cabinets are a great addition to any room.

If you are not familiar with floating cabinets, they are exactly what you would expect them to be—a cabinet that gives the illusion it is floating because it doesn’t have a base or legs that touch the ground for support. In reality, floating cabinets are mounted onto the wall and are a very practical addition to add to any room and to any home.

They are incredibly stylish and come in a variety of different types. One quick search online will yield countless results, among the multitude of to floating bathroom vanities and floating television cabinets. Clearly, they are quite versatile.

Before you pull out your measuring tape and start trying to figure out , we want to answer another question that might be floating around at the top of your mind: why should you get a floating cabinet?

Here are some reasons why homeowners choose floating cabinets:

Space Savers

A floating cabinet is more than just an aesthetic addition to your home. It also creates more space in your home.

Think about it–a traditional cabinet is fixed into the ground. Unlike a traditional cabinet, a floating cabinet is mounted on the wall, which leaves all of the space underneath free for other uses. Depending on how high the cabinet is mounted, you might even have the option to place a few aesthetic boxes underneath and create more storage for belongings.

There’s an added bonus–a floating cabinet can also create the illusion of more space, especially if you are working with a smaller-sized room or home. The lack of a base helps make a room appear larger and feel more open.

Great Aesthetic Appeal

If you are looking to do a more minimal and contemporary renovation, a floating cabinet is your answer.

Most floating cabinets lack visible hardware and have very clean lines, making them sleek and modern. This minimal and contemporary touch makes them a great complement to any decor style.

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Easy to Maintain

How many times have you found yourself mopping or sweeping a floor and continuously bumping into the base of a cabinet? Do it enough times and you’re going to start feeling a hint of frustration and possibly leave marks on the cabinet.

That doesn’t happen with floating cabinets. Floating cabinets are not positioned on the ground, making them incredibly easy to clean around–one sweep or quick wipe-down on top, and your floating cabinet is clean.

Floating cabinets also tend to be safer from moisture damage because of their distance from the ground. They ‘hover’ above ground and away from any spills that might happen.

In Conclusion

Here at 27estore, we take pride in our ability to help make the home of your dreams come true. If you’re looking for a floating cabinet, it’s important to know that floating cabinets can be customized to fit any space and any room.

They come in almost any design, style, size, or color. Most people fear that they can’t install floating cabinets because of their room layout. Maybe they have tight corners, or windows placed awkwardly throughout the room. However, that is exactly why you should opt for a floating cabinet—they can be designed to work with what you have and amplify the beauty of the space.