Cleaning your is a crucial step before painting them. It ensures that your surfaces are polished so the paint adheres better and looks smoother on the end product, giving you cabinetry that’s as good as new!

How to Clean Your Bathroom Cabinets Before Painting

Cleaning your bathroom cabinets before painting is a simple task, one that you can easily do yourself with some tools you can find at the hardware store. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

Remove Hardware and Doors

It’s easier to clean your cabinet when it’s disassembled (like when you practice ) as this will allow you to get into the nooks and crannies of the surface. Remove the cabinet’s doors and any hardware such as screws and knobs–remember where things go so that you can put them back correctly later.

Sand the Cabinets

Your cabinets are in a high-traffic area, which means they’re prone to dents, nicks, and uneven surfaces. Sand them to smoothen the surface so that you have a more even look later. Do this on all sides that you’re going to paint. Be sure to also give it a quick vacuum or dust after to remove any loose dirt or debris.

Clean the Surface

Now, you’re ready to clean! There are multiple ways to clean your cabinets, from using home essentials to hardware products. You must choose the right cleaner and method depending on your cabinets.

Do two cleaning cycles: first with regular cleaning products or solutions, then again with a degreaser. This keeps the surface free of dirt, grime, and oils.

Rinse Any Product Off

If needed, rinse any excess product off your cabinets and wipe them down with a clean cloth. If not rinsed off properly, some cleaning products can leave a layer of film that will prevent primer and paint from adhering to the surface.

Leave the Cabinets to Dry

Let the cabinets dry at least overnight so that you can be sure that it’s prepped and ready for the next step—painting.

How to Paint Your Bathroom Cabinets

Painting your bathroom cabinets is the same as most other paint jobs that require applying a primer and one to two bases of paint. Here’s how to do it:

Test the Primer and the Paint

Before you work on your cabinets, test the primer and the paint by using them on the back of a cabinet door or an extra cabinet fixture. This will help you see if they’ll adhere to the surface you’ve cleaned, and give you one last look at how it looks before you commit.

Prep the Painting Surface

Create a workstation where you can freely paint without worrying about making a mess. Use painter’s tape to protect the wall, mirror, or other nearby surfaces, and cover the floor with a drop cloth. Ready your equipment, too.

Apply a Primer

Apply an even coat of primer to your cabinet using a brush, roller, or sprayer. Make sure that you cover the whole area, including the edges. Let the primer dry completely and, if needed, lightly sand the primer coat with very fine sandpaper.

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Paint The Surface

Stir your paint, then pour it out into a paint tray. Load a roller or brush with the paint, then apply it to the surfaces of your cabinets. Start with the doors, as you’ll need to let these dry before working on the other side; then, move on to the drawer fronts and cabinet boxes. In most cases, you’ll have to apply two coats of paint; keep the first one thin for a higher-quality paint job.

After applying the second coat of paint, leave it to dry for twenty-four hours or however much time it says in the manufacturer’s instructions.

Reassemble the Cabinet

Now that you’re done with painting, it’s time to reassemble the cabinet. Attach the hardware, then place the doors back into the cabinet boxes. Finally, reattach the drawer fronts and slide the drawers back in place.

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