Simply replacing your can significantly change the vibe of your bathroom. To replace your bathroom vanity like a pro, you just have to go through the steps of removing your old one and then installing your new one, which involves turning off the water supply and disconnecting your sink, preparing the well, assembling your vanity, then reconnecting your plumbing system.

It’s simple, but you may want to get help from a pro, especially because they’ll know exactly .

How to Remove a Bathroom Vanity

Replacing your bathroom vanity starts with removing your old one. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to accomplish this task:

Turn Off the Water Supply

You don’t want to flood your bathroom while you replace your vanity, so turn off your water supply first. To do this, first, remove the doors of your current vanity. This will make it easier to access your water valves, which are typically under your sink. If they’re not, check your main water supply.

Disconnect the water tubes from the shut-off valves one by one. Be sure to have a bucket to catch any water that escapes!

Disconnect the Sink

Under your sink, there’s a curved piece of metal or PVC plastic called the “plumbing trap,” or “P-trap,” which works to prevent sewer gas from rising through your drains. You need to remove this to disconnect your sink–do this by placing a bucket under the P-trap (just to catch any more spills), loosening the slip nuts, then pulling the apparatus. If you’re leaving the pipe open in the wall, seal it with a rag to prevent any sewer gasses from coming in; otherwise, you may have to remove the trap completely.

Disassemble the Vanity

Disassembling the vanity and removing it from the wall takes up the bulk of this process. While you can do it alone, it helps to have someone to assist you. Start by removing the sink, which should be easier after the two previous steps.

Next, remove the vanity top by scoring the caulk that connects the vanity to the wall. Before lifting it off, check that no other clips or brackets are holding it in place. If it’s glued, you’ll have to pry it off gently. Finally, take off the vanity cabinets by unscrewing them from the wall or the floor.

How to Install a Bathroom Vanity

After removing your bathroom vanity, it’s time to install your replacement. Before you do anything though, tidy up your work area. Clean up any residual caulk, patch any holes or exposed areas, and make sure surfaces are clean and smooth. You may even want to lay new flooring or add extra fixtures like lights.

It’s also best to do any work on your new cabinets at this point. Before installing them, finish any paint or waterproofing jobs; just be sure you know .

Mark the Wall

Determine where you want to place your new vanity exactly by dry-fitting it into place. Mark out the new position with a pencil or painter’s tape, then use a stud finder to locate where you’ll attach the vanity to the wall.

If your new vanity cabinet has a solid back, measure, mark, and drill holes to accommodate the necessary pipes.

Install the Vanity

Now it’s time to install the vanity! Line your new cabinet up with the marks you’ve prepared, then level it off using a bubble or laser level, tapping in shims to adjust if needed. Drill plot holes into the nearest studs, then screw the vanity to the wall. If you don’t have studs, you’ll need wall anchors to secure the cabinet.

If your vanity doesn’t have an attached counter, place it by applying dots of caulk to the corners of the cabinet, then lowering the top to the counter, centering it before pressing it in place.

Connect the Plumbing

The last step of replacing your bathroom vanity is to re-connect all the pipes and plugs you removed in the first place. Following any sink installation instructions given. After that, re-install your sink faucet and reconnect your drainage and water supply. Make sure to give it a test to check for any leaks!

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