Bathroom vanities are at risk of water damage due to their proximity to water pipes and possible exposure to high humidity levels. If you’re not able to protect them from these vulnerabilities, you might find yourself having to deal with damaged cabinets.

Protecting your starts even before you install them. You must choose the right material from a trusted provider like 27EStore, opting for something that can withstand water exposure. For extra protection, it’s also recommended that you regularly check your pipes, reduce humidity levels in your bathroom, and waterproof your vanities.

The Best Material for Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom vanities can be made using different materials. Many people prefer wood cabinetry, and while vanities made of wood are extremely durable, they can be difficult to maintain when there’s water involved. Thus, plywood is the best material for bathroom cabinets.

They’re strong and moisture-resistant enough to withstand the challenging conditions of a bathroom setting, so choosing them as your material from the get-go ensures the longevity of your vanity. Plus, they come in more affordable options for the budget buyer.

How to Protect Your Bathroom Vanity From Water Damage

The best way to guarantee that your investment in your bathroom vanity isn’t wasted is to protect it from water damage. Here are some ways to do that:

Check Your Pipes Regularly

Water damage can get bad very quickly if you don’t address problems in your pipes. Be on the lookout, especially, for small leaks. These can be difficult to detect, and if you leave them long enough, they can be just as harmful as big leaks.

Regularly check your pipes; occasionally, call a plumber to make sure that everything’s okay. If you do find something wrong, mop up any spills immediately and have it fixed ASAP! Should there be any damage anywhere, be ready to make any repairs, like learning .

Reduce Bathroom Humidity

A well-ventilated bathroom is key to enduring bathroom vanities. Excessive moisture and high levels of humidity can cause mold or mildew, which can spread rapidly when untreated and damage more than just your cabinetry. Keep your bathroom well-ventilated by installing a window or an exhaust fan. You can also use a dehumidifier.

Waterproof Your Vanity

Even the best-made cabinets can have seams and cracks where water can sneak in, so for extra protection, you can waterproof your vanity by applying paint or varnish to seal any pores.

How to Waterproof Your Bathroom Vanity

Waterproofing your bathroom vanity is an easy way to prolong its life. There are three main methods to do this: applying a sealant, panting the cabinet, or applying a varnish. Here’s a quick guide on each one:

Applying a Sealant

Applying a sealant like polyurethane on the corners of your vanity can make it virtually waterproof, with water unable to penetrate the surface of the material at all. You can do the application yourself using store-bought sealant either as a spray-on or liquid.

Painting the Cabinet

Using water-resistant paint is another great way to give your vanity an extra shield against moisture. It also gives you some creative flexibility as you can choose a different color from your original cabinets to change up your bathroom’s look.

Applying a Varnish

Varnish contains oil, resins, and solvents that leave a thin waterproof film on top of surfaces. You can also buy it in a hardware store and apply it yourself using a foam roller or a paintbrush.

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How to Repair Water-Damaged Bathroom Vanities

Sometimes, water damage can’t be prevented. In this case, it’s best to make the necessary repairs quickly to prevent any further damage to your cabinetry and other bathroom fixtures. Assess the damage then determine what needs to be addressed.

You may be able to fix some things yourself but for more complicated damages, be sure to call a professional. If the damage is unrepairable, then consider replacing your bathroom cabinets with more well-built ones, such as the bathroom base cabinets from 27EStore.

Replace Water-Damaged Vanities With 27EStore

27EStore is a home improvement brand that sells premium cabinets that you can use for your bathroom vanity. We deliver high-quality products that are thoughtfully designed and well-crafted using top-tier materials. Plus, we offer a range of customization options so you can transform your bathroom into a space that’s truly your own. Whether you’re just building your bathroom or replacing water-damaged vanities, check out 27EStore’s catalog of bathroom base cabinets for all your needs!