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Gone are the days when every room in the house had white or off-white walls. Today, countless options from bold and vibrant colors to more subdued and calming hues are available. Each room in your home will feature a variety of colors and design styles. Your likes and preferences are the guide to your room’s design. In the guest bathroom, a tropical oasis theme is a fun option. In the master suite, a more elegant old Hollywood style is your dream. The sky truly is the limit for your home’s design.

If you want to redesign your current bathroom our Cappuccino Cabinet Doors are an excellent place to start. Your bathroom design will start with a muted shade of brown that pairs well with creams, whites, blues, and turquoise. On the upper half of the wall use a light shade of turquoise. On the lower half of the walls opt to install white wainscoting. A dark wood floor would be an excellent option with this gorgeous cabinetry! Instead of storing your hand towels and washcloths in a cabinet, why not stow them in white wicker baskets? Do not forget your favorite scented candles and other decorative and practical accents to complete the space.

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White walls are so incredibly common. White walls allow for any style or color of décor. It is the easiest option to use to style a room. White walls can also serve to be incredibly bland. A singular feature wall in the living room will bring a space to life! You can opt to use dramatic red paint for a gothic design style. Or choose to go with a more natural-looking design by selecting a wall treatment in neutral or earth-tone shades.

If you prefer a natural-looking design, consider our Cappuccino Wall Panels. The muted brown hues of these panels make it a great design base for a country living room. Use the wall panels on two parallel walls to create distinctive spaces. Paint the other walls in cream. One wall can feature a study area with a rustic wood desk, a cozy chair, and various items with a country vibe. On the other wall, install a large TV for movie nights. Find a large rug in a darker shade to set this area apart. A large U-shaped sofa, with soft blankets and throw pillows makes for a relaxing spot for reading or conversation. A large ottoman offers space for doing puzzles, playing games, or holding refreshments.

Dark Goya Textured

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It is not always possible to get to the spa. Either you do not have the time or it is not in your current budget. Instead of finding the time to get to a spa, why not create a spa-like bathroom that you can enjoy daily? For an easy spa in your guest bathroom purchase some candles, bubble bath, and plush towels. You purchase bathroom-friendly plants to add a touch of nature to the space, too. A thick bathmat in front of the tub is another excellent addition to the space.

When it comes to remodeling the master bedroom en suite bathroom you go for more than just the basics. Paint your walls ivory and install a slate floor in a dark hue. Continue the remodel with a double vanity. Create the vanity with our Dark Goya Textured Cabinet Doors. The slight waves and random knots in the tan, brown, and dark brown add a bit of character. Add a touch of whimsy to your spa retreat by buying colorful fuchsia and white towels. Big fluffy robes would be another fun and useful addition. A collection of your favorite bath and body lotions is a must for your spa retreat.

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When family or friends visit they need a room to unwind. A guest bedroom is a space that should help your guests feel comfortable and relaxed. Do you have a multifunctional guest room? When nobody is visiting do you use it as a craft room? You may use it as a library or a storage area. Whatever you use your guest room for you want it to have a specific theme that works well for your purposes.

Does your home have a bonus room that serves no real purpose? Do you want to remodel the space to be a warm and inviting home library and office? Install our Dark Goya Textured Wall Panels before you add in the hardwood floors. Select a color of flooring that matches the browns in the wall panels for a cohesive look. On one wall build floor-to-ceiling bookcases. Use white or light color sheers for your windows. Place a couple of comfortable chairs and a small table to create a conversation or reading space. An area rug in the middle of the room is a great place to add a touch of color to the room. Pictures on the walls and throw blankets can add extra pops of color to finish the space.

Dark Grey Walnut Textured

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Is your formal dining room falling flat when it comes to design? Do you want to give it a facelift making it homier yet stylish at the same time? You can start this transformation with a new coat of paint. A light green hue would be a good place to start. Paint the windows and other accents in bright white. If desired, a change in the flooring or the addition of a large area rug can also elevate the space. Add a country touch to your dining room with a wood dining table and matching chairs. Flowers, place settings, and candles are a simple way to add character and style to the table.

Add more to the space with additional furniture and decor. Create a beautiful sideboard with our Dark Grey Walnut Textured Cabinet Doors. The various shades of brown, tan, and almost black will pop against the light green of the walls. A large mirror over the sideboard will give the illusion of a larger space. Hang some wall art featuring country scenes around the room. The perfect finishing touch for the room is an old rustic chandelier over the table.

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Every day it seems that more people are investing in tiny homes. They are a more affordable option for many people. Their small size does not prevent them from being big in style! Owners of these pint-sized homes decorate them to suit their style. These tiny homes are also highly functional. They incorporate ample storage and a place to cook, relax, and sleep. Many also include laundry facilities and a spa-like bathroom. Choosing this type of housing does not limit a person from having the house of their dreams.

When it comes to separating the different areas doors and stairs are not always viable options. The limited space requires creative thinking. Sometimes using different wall treatments shows a clear division between the kitchen space and the living or study space. To separate these spaces consider using our Dark Grey Walnut Textured Wall Panels. The swirls and knots in the wood, ranging in color from light brown, tan, to dark brown and almost black offer a country feel. Place a small couch or plush club chairs in matching panel colors to highlight the designated living space.

Light Acacia Textured

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Small spaces are a challenge when deciding on an interior design style. One of the key things needed in a small space is the illusion that it is roomier than it appears. If altering the size of the kitchen is not an option employ other techniques to help enhance the size. Putting a brighter color or wall treatment is the first step. If the cabinetry and flooring are both dark, consider alternatives. A change in light fixtures is another trick people use to open up a small kitchen.

Are you ready to embark on the remodel of your eclectic kitchen into a contemporary design style? Find a color palette that affords you with a light and airy feel. Replace your current cabinetry with our Light Acacia Textured Cabinet Doors. The light hues with just a hint of darkness in the grains make the slight waves come to life. White paint on the walls will accentuate the beauty of this wood grain. Use contemporary elements with clean lines. A kitchen table and chairs or bar stools with exposed legs is an excellent option. Add in color with pendant lighting, colorful dishtowels, and a bowl of fruit on the center island.

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You want to redo your living room because it no longer suits your personality. You want something simplistic while still showcasing your style. A traditional interior design style is an excellent option. Start with selecting flooring. Many people choose hardwood floors and large area rugs. Furthermore, select a color palette where your furniture is very similar to help create a cohesive design. In the living room, a large, plush U-shaped couch with armchairs in matching colors is ideal. Incorporate dark, ornately detailed tables or bookcases to add an elegant touch.

Another great option for a traditional-style living room is a wall treatment. Paint the ceiling white. You can add a feature wall utilizing our Light Acacia Textured Wall Panels to bring in a touch of very light wood. The wood features a very subtle wave to the grains of the wood. The slightly darker tones in the wood help accentuate the movement. Spice up your design with a pop of colors via your window treatments. Research other centuries to gain inspiration for dramatic lighting, such as ornate wall sconces or a chandelier. Finish the space with family photos and other personal items.

Rustic Light Oak Textured

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Are you ready to bring your dreams to life in your own home? Is it time to have the farmhouse kitchen you have always wanted? Achieving this interior design style is much easier than you may think! One of the first things you want to do is figure out your layout. You want to maximize both storage space and surface area. In homes where at least one person loves to cook, having a quality countertop with ample space for meal prep is ideal. In larger kitchens, adding an island expands the much-needed prep space and storage.

Incorporate natural colors, such as green, on the walls and other accessories. For your cabinetry, choose our Rustic Light Oak Textured Cabinet Doors. As the name suggests, the swirls, waves, and dark knots in the grain add to your farmhouse aesthetic. A farmhouse kitchen needs a large, deep sink to keep with the theme. Remember to get a colorful mat or rug in front of the sink. Consider using old barn wood to create wainscoting with a chair rail. Add accents featuring a variety of farm animals and crops to enhance the farmhouse theme. You can finish your look with a fresh floral arrangement weekly.

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Finding the right balance between modern and rustic is no small task in interior design. You do not want to overwhelm a space one way or the other. With that being said, it is possible to create a space with farmhouse decor that blends the two styles seamlessly. Determine the color scheme that best suits your home and then the fun part begins! Keep a balance between natural and rustic elements and modern furnishings. Natural hardwood floors with an area rug in neutral colors can help define the seating area. Display your favorite photos or hanging plates on the wall to show a bit of your personality.

To bring that farmhouse vibe to your walls install our Rustic Light Oak Textured Wall Panels. The rich colors in various shades of brown to almost black add to the farmhouse feel of the space. The knots and swirls in the wood help showcase a natural element needed for this design style. Furnish the room with comfortable seating and use light window treatments to allow ample natural light to flood the space. Create a rustic bookcase made with old reclaimed wood or use existing built-ins to display your books and antique tchotchkes. Fresh flowers, plants, or candles make excellent finishing touches.

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A home is a place to relax and unwind after the stress of your work week. Everyone wants to be able to come to their home and forget about their trials and tribulations of life. There are many ways to help achieve this goal. Some revolve around the things we do while others revolve around how we choose to decorate our homes. Creating a relaxing spa-like bathroom is one idea that those who enjoy a relaxing bubble bath would appreciate. Lighting your favorite candle, putting on relaxing music, and spending time in a deep soaker tub is an excellent way to end the day.

To create a spa-like oasis a beautiful forest green with white trim on the walls is a good beginning. Light wood flooring with a plush bathmat also in green would help further the mood of the space. For some warmth in the bathroom utilize our Grey Linen Textured Cabinet Doors on our cabinetry. The light hue of the cabinetry will pair well with the green of the wall. Add some white accents in wall art, towels, and even the handles on the cabinet doors for a touch of brightness. Use minimal window coverings to help add ample sunlight to the space.

Grey Linen Textured Cabinet Doors and Wall Panels

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Do you have a home where most of your spaces have a relaxed vibe to them? Do you want to create a more sophisticated space? How about creating the perfect den or family room where you can host your family and friends? Although many people seem to congregate in the kitchen in most homes, other spaces serve as the perfect space for entertaining. You can accomplish this with some minor decor changes or you can choose to give the chosen room a full interior design overhaul.

One way to upgrade a space is through the colors on the walls. It is possible to use a singular color for a dramatic effect or you can use a combination. If your space is on the smaller side ensure you have light-colored flooring and avoid overpowering and bulky window treatments. This allows more natural light into the space. Our Grey Linen Textured Wall Panels add some warmth to the room without being too dark. A Navy blue couch and matching club chairs liven the space up while providing comfortable seating options. Use a combination of light shades of blue and grey to create the perfect gathering space for your guests.

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In areas of the country where the weather tends to stay on the cooler side, an interior design style that hints at a warm climate is a fun option. Imagine coming home after a long day out in cold weather but your kitchen is a coastal retreat. You can experience the best of both worlds. Look outside and enjoy the rainy or snowy weather, all while being inside a beach getaway! Achieving this look does not require an expensive interior designer. It takes a bit of research and inspiration.

One thing you can do in your kitchen is replace your current cabinetry with these Light Linen Textured Cabinet Doors. The light wood color opens up the space. With hardwood floors and marble countertops a seafoam green on the walls is a colorful touch. Add in coastal decor such as lighthouse art, as well as hand towels, and other items with beachy design elements such as shells and seagulls. You can also incorporate a clock that looks like the helm of a pirate’s ship! Open wall shelves displaying dishes with a beach theme would also add to the coastal theme of your kitchen oasis.

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With design styles in abundance, how do you choose the correct one for your home? First, look at the purpose of the space you are redecorating. If you are remodeling a guest bedroom you might want to go with something minimalistic. You want your guests to feel comfortable and relaxed but want to add a touch of design. A minimalist interior design style allows you to do both. You can ensure your guests have a comfortable place to sleep, sit, and store their things.

You can start your guest room transformation by creating a feature wall using our Light Linen Textured Wall Panels. The light hue of the wall is neutral which opens up your options for decorating. Perhaps stick with a neutral palette with a simple dark wood bed frame and matching nightstand and dresser. Decorate the bed with a white comforter and a variety of throw pillows. Your throw pillows are one place you can add in a pop of color. Cover the windows in curtains that allow plenty of light during the day but block out the outside lights at night. Place a few tchotchkes or personal photos around the room to finish off the design.

Red Pine Textured

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Have you ever looked around your home and felt the need to declutter? We live in a world filled with temptations. We see things others purchase, they pique our interest, and then we want the item. Do you have a room in your home overrun with tchotchkes? Do you have a kitchen cupboard full of tumblers? No matter what you collect, you might reach a point where you want to pair things down and go with a minimalist style in your home. Turning to a minimalistic style in your kitchen can help make the space more efficient and user-friendly.

Converting to a minimalist style in the kitchen starts with purging anything nonessential. Once you have your items sorted, updating the space begins. Paint your walls white. Use our Red Pine Textured Cabinet Doors for your cabinetry. The natural look of the wood will stand out against the white walls. Keep items to a minimum on your counter to prevent clutter. Consider bench seating with storage and plush pillows for sitting at the breakfast nook. Open shelves serve as a way to showcase your favorite dishes and prevent cluttered cupboards. Add a touch of your personality in the space with pictures or your favorite recipe books.

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Boho or eclectic interior design styles are incredibly versatile. You can decorate any room in the home without needing everything to match perfectly. You can have a living room featuring a leather couch, wicker chairs, and a pine coffee table. Your accessories can range from macramé to paintings and hanging baskets. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to this style. It is all about what the residents find comfortable and appealing. People who love thrift stores or flea markets to find unique furniture may prefer this interior design style.

Are you ready to create a cozy bohemian family room in your home? Have you gathered a collection of unique furnishings to showcase in your home? Start the remodel of your family room with our Red Pine Textured Wall panels. The knots and the subtle movement of the grains make this brown wood, with a hint of orange and dark brown undertones, a wonderful accent for the space. A seating area with different chairs and a lush microfiber couch make this a wonderfully relaxing space. Finish the room with fun lighting, colorful flowing curtains, and other fun decor to complete your homey and relaxed space.

Rustic Walnut Textured

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Many people have a designated crafting area in their homes. Some people can designate an entire room for their crafting hobbies. Did you know that a crafting room is a great place to incorporate custom cabinetry and shelving? To make crafting fun and less stressful having a spot for all of your supplies is essential. With everything organized, starting and finishing your projects will be a breeze. By opting for custom cabinets you will add an extra layer of warmth, comfort, and creativity to the space.

Our Rustic Walnut Textured Cabinet Doors are the perfect option to create your custom cabinetry. The dark, rich browns and blacks add warmth to the space. With lighter wood flooring and a neutral paint color on the wall, such as white or tan, your cozy crafting room is almost complete. You will need a large crafting table and comfortable seating. A folding table will allow you to have the space you need for your crafts while also allowing you to have a relaxing reading space. With that in mind, include some bookshelves to store your creations, books, and perhaps a stereo system. In addition to installing quality light fixtures avoid blocking the natural light with heavy window treatments.

Rustic Walnut Textured Cabinet Doors and Wall Panels

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The Amish have a unique and simplistic style of decorating their homes. They choose to go with natural woods and textures and minimal decor. Decorating your home in this style may challenge you if you are accustomed to having a lot of tchotchkes and other clutter around your home. Although all the items may have felt necessary at one time, now you may feel it is time to declutter and have a more refined interior design style.

Start your Amish-style journey in your living room. If possible, an untreated natural hardwood floor is a good place to start. You can use area rugs on the hardwoods to break up the wood and add a cozy element to the room. Our Rustic Walnut Textured Wall Panels are a complementary option to the natural hardwoods. Handmade quilts hung on the wall add another traditional Amish element to the space along with a bit of color. A couch made with natural materials and a wooden coffee table makes a great area for conversation. Lighting fixtures that look like oil lamps further the Amish feel to the space. Do not hesitate to place personal elements around the room to add more of your style to the space.

Brushed Titanium with Fingerprint Free Surface

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What do you do if you live in a home with a lot of exposed brick walls and pipes? The home may offer you all of the space and functionality you need but you are not sure how to decorate. One way to decorate a home such as this is an industrial interior design style. You can highlight the existing industrial elements and pull in other decorative, comfortable, and fun pieces. To stick with the look, keep with a neutral color palette. If desired, you can paint the exposed brick and other walls white. A dark tile or concrete floor would pair well with the other elements.

In your kitchen instead of using traditional wood for your cabinetry why not try this Brushed Titanium with Fingerprint Free Surface Cabinet Doors? The shiny silvery grey surface would help highlight the other industrial elements in the space. The fingerprint-free surface is a bonus. Opt for stainless steel appliances and perhaps a solid black countertop. Purchase a toaster, air fryer, and cooking utensils in white or even colorful hue where that option is possible. Bar stools or a dining table made with metal and glass is a fun option. Use stainless steel pendant lighting to finish the space.

Brushed Titanium with Fingerprint Free Surface Cabinet Doors and Wall Panels

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Does your home office lack any sort of design? Do you have a collection of random furnishings with no real theme? Are you ready to give your office a more functional and decorative style? If you want to try something new, why not consider a glamorous aesthetic? One striking way to add a touch of glamor to your office is with Brushed Titanium with Fingerprint Free Surface Wall Panels. Their shiny surface, with its silver hues, has a finish that helps prevent the presence of fingerprints. This titanium finish also adds sophistication to the space.

To create the perfect glamorous office start with a white executive desk. A plush office chair with silver accents makes your study area complete. Use long, wispy sheers for your windows. They provide a bit of privacy while allowing in plenty of sunlight. Create the ideal space for all of your books and photos by installing matching white bookcases along the wall adjacent to the desk. Make a cozy sitting area with two plush club chairs using a large square ottoman as a table. This can also work as additional seating. Finish the office with black, white, and grey throw pillows and a cozy blanket.

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Slat Wall Panels

Our acoustic slat wood panels for walls and ceilings are a stunning solution to enhance any modern space. Precision crafted and placed on a felt backing, these original panels are built to last while offering a refined and sophisticated touch to your home or office.

These quality panels are designed to fit with any design theme, from natural and earthy to sleek and contemporary. All materials used in the creation of every slat wood wall panel are from sustainable sources, ensuring an environmentally friendly product. Quick and easy to install, you can transform your living room, bedroom, or office into a luxurious space with a modern slat wall.

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Create a coastal getaway in your sunroom with our Slat Wall Panels with Waves. The satin-white option of these panels would be ideal for this design style. The panels' design is a visual representation of the motion of the ocean waters. It would work perfectly around the lower half of the sunroom walls. Bring in blues or greens to paint the upper half of the walls. Decorate the room with white wicker furniture. A table with a glass top would add to the light and open feeling of the room. For additional color, use the blues and greens in throw pillows or chair cushions.

Waves Slat Wall Panels

When it comes to these Slat Wall Panels, not only do they give you the unique look of waves but they come in a variety of color options. Walnut, teak, natural oak, earth grey, and aluminum grey are the other color options. The panels come in packs of four. Each of the panels is interlocking to help make the installation process quick and easy. Other features of these panels include a UV-resistant coating and they are scratch resistant. These are both highly beneficial, especially when used in a room with a lot of direct sunlight.

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When it comes to wall treatments the most commonly used in homes is paint. Other options are available and they provide a more unique visual and texture to the walls. One wall treatment option that is available is wall panels. They add a touch of dimension to the wall. For a truly different and eye-catching wall treatment consider our Slat Wall Panels which are fluted. Unlike our other wall panels they are not flat they have rounded or fluted edges. These panels come in a pack of four and multiple color options. Some options include walnut, teak, satin white, and natural oak.

Fluted Slat Wall Panels

One way to use these fluted slat wall panels is to create wainscoting around the lower half of your dining room. The natural oak would look beautiful when enhanced with a bold blue painted on the upper half of the wall. Find a sideboard and a dining table that is also made from natural oak to tie the room elements together. Use the blue from the walls in an area rug and cushions for the dining table chairs. A vase with white, silver, and blue would be an elegant touch on the sideboard or dining table.

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Are you looking for an alternative to paint in your home? Have you considered using wall panels in conjunction with paint or as an alternative? There are many benefits to using our half-inch Slat Wall Panels in your home. You are not limited in your design options because a variety of color options are available. These options include teak, natural oak, walnut, satin white, and aluminum grey. These panels are easy to clean and maintain and are easy to install. They also come in packs of four, which helps with the design process.

Half Inch Slat Wall Panels

Are you the only man in your home? Do you want to create a space that is exclusively for you? What about creating a man cave for yourself where you can get away from everyone at the end of a long day? You can get the women in your life to help you create your special getaway. Use our half-inch Slat Wall Panels in earth grey to create a focal point. Paint the remaining walls a dark color, such as navy blue. Furnish the space with a wall-mounted TV, plush couch or recliner, and a mini fridge for your favorite drinks. A nice throw blanket and other decor can finish the design.

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Do you have a room in your home you want to convert to a home theater? Do you have a large-screen TV and an excellent surround system that is not used enough? Now is the time to create your private home theater. On the upper half of your walls use a rich jewel-tone green or blue. For a more regal touch how about using royal purple? To add some visual interest to the room use our one-inch Slat Wall Panel in walnut to create a regal atmosphere. To continue with the design furnish the space with plush recliners or stadium seating. This will help enhance the movie-watching experience. Include a snack bar, popcorn machine, and a beverage fridge to ensure you have all the necessities for enjoying your movies.

One Inch Slat Wall Panels

If you prefer a different color wall panel, our packs of four come in multiple options. You might prefer our satin white, natural oak, or teak options. Whichever option you choose they are easy to install and maintain. You will also find that they are easy to clean and are scratch-resistant. These are excellent features in a home with pets and kids.

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Gaming is an incredibly popular hobby with people of all ages. Playing video games is a great way to unwind or spend your day off. Serious gamers invest in high-end equipment, chairs, and desks. The question becomes if you are a gamer or you have gamers in your home where is all the gaming equipment stored? Bedrooms are a common place for many people. If you have the space and have multiple gamers in the home why not create a basement game room?

One and a Half Inch Slat Wall Panels

A beneficial aspect of a family game room in the basement is the sound reduction in the rest of the house. To start your game room remodel hardwood floors or tile is great for wheeled gaming chairs. Around the perimeter of the room install our one-and-a-half-inch Slat Wall Panels in dark walnut. The rich wood color will complement a black or maroon microfiber U-shaped couch for lounging and playing board games or cards. A colorful mural on one of the white walls would be a fun touch to the space. Incorporate ample storage shelves for games, gaming accessories, and even books. If your basement has minimal windows do not forget to install high-quality lighting. You can even include a TV for movies.