Office design and decor set the tone and aesthetic for an entire company or organization. After all, doors can be focal points of your office space and play a part in style and brand identity.


Deciding how to decorate your office doors can add personality and vibrancy to your workspace while keeping a professional and cohesive aesthetic. Subtle, custom additions such as your brand and logo can ramp up the look even further. 


At 27estore, there are numerous sizes of internal doors for offices and design ideas for office doors to choose from. You can easily design your ideal workspace with our office doors. Various shades of wood can add a timeless warmth and classic feel to your office, while glass doors can let light in and bring a level of sophistication to the space.

A Positive First Impression

You may not realize how much a door can impact the first impression visitors have of a place of business, but it does. A well-designed door can leave a lasting mark and is the first demonstration of your company’s values and culture. 


Believe it or not, choosing a color or tone that aligns with your brand can influence a person’s mood, productivity level, and brand perception. Darker doors, for example, may reflect sophistication and strength. Lighter colors may be more associated with friendliness and an open mind.


However, door designs are about more than just style. There are many practical aspects to think about as well, such as the accessibility, safety, and maintenance needed to keep a door in good working order for years to come.

Make It Your Own!

You can take any door and customize it to best fit your space. Small touches like adding company branding, interesting handles, or mission statements near the entrance can go a long way in helping your company or organization stand out.


For interior office doors, custom-designed frosted glass panels could add an element of privacy while still allowing light to shine through. You can also get creative and thoughtful with the hardware. Consider a sleek, modern handle for an upscale glass door, or go the rustic route for a classic wooden door. The combinations are endless. 


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Plus, if security is a top priority at your office, you can design your door with an electronic entry system to ensure a greater level of safety and security for your employees and visitors.

Nearly Endless Options at 27estore

At 27estore, our premium interior doors can instantly transform a space. Choose from options that range from exotic woods like wenge and teak or more common ones like walnut and oak. If glass is more your style, we’ve got those, too.


All of our doors are custom-sized and tailor-made for you and your budget. Just give us the measurements of the door openings and any other elements that need to be considered–and we will get to work. Our office doors are crafted from the finest materials and made to stand the test of time!