Learning how to update interior doors will depend on the type of doors you’d like to revamp, upgrade, or replace, and a double set of doors is a fantastic way to create a versatile living space that can function as a wide, open plan area, or be separated into quieter, smaller rooms.


Today, we’ll look at fitting double interior wooden doors. While this project requires more time and effort than understanding how to paint interior doors, the impact can be stunning. Provided two or more people are available to assist, this DIY project is achievable by working through the process methodically and accurately.


What Tools Will I Need to Hang Interior Double Doors?


We’re considering a property with an established opening, so the tools you’ll require are similar to those for any door installation project. In most cases, you’ll need:


  • A drill, hammer, and screwdriver
  • Screws and nails, or the fixings delivered with your door
  • Tape measure and spirit level
  • Pencil, and safety glasses
  • Hinges and handles–also available with your new doors from 27estore


Step one is to strip out the old door frame, although you can bypass this phase if the opening is bare and ready for the new doors to be fitted. However, you’ll still need to measure the space, verify whether it is square, and use a spirit level to determine whether the sides are even.


Period homes and older properties commonly have slight variances in the angles and lines within interior door openings, usually due to natural movement in the structure and how brickwork and timbers settle over time. Small differences are unlikely to be an issue, but any deviations of an inch or more can be solved by adding a few shims to ensure the frame is properly supported.


Once you’re happy the frame is the right shape and size for the opening, you can screw it into position with one or two friends or family members to hold the frame still.


How Do I Hang a Double Set of Doors to the Frame?


Before you think about fitting your door into the frame, you should add the handles and other hardware. It is much easier to screw these accessories to the door while it is lying flat.

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Next, you’ll need to position the doors within the opening (checking they are opening the correct way) and look at the fit to address any adjustments. If all is well, you can measure the doors against the frame, marking with your pencil where the hinges are located.


Screw the hinges to the doors if they are not pre-fitted, and then align the door with the frame and double-check the hinges match the marked placements along the frame. Should you need to move the hinge marks on the frame, you can do so before hanging the doors onto the hinges and screwing in any final screws until the door is secure, hangs evenly, and swings outward and back smoothly.


Expert Advice on Fitting Double Doors


Interior double doors come in various options, where you can install doors that are engineered with the following:


  • Edges that meet square, with doors fitted adjacent to each other: When fitting, leave a small gap of two to three millimeters between to ensure the doors don't snag or bang against each other.
  • Interlocking doors have no gaps in between, with small sections on the inner height of each door that match the feature on the opposite side: These doors are rebated and must be fitted with extra caution since even a minor error can mean the interlock doesn’t work correctly.


If in any doubt, you can hire a contractor or professional door fitter to hang your doors on your behalf. They will be able to provide all the tools and equipment needed, which may be an ideal solution if you do not have any DIY resources to hand.


Finally, we'd suggest considering which way the doors open before placing an order, with customizable handing options to ensure your completed door upgrade works seamlessly. Installing a set of beautiful double doors only to realize they open the wrong way or have been fitted with hinges connected the wrong way around can be a big disappointment, as well as commanding further work, so investing time into preparation and checks is worthwhile.