While a chic, minimalist look may be reigning supreme across Instagram and Pinterest, there is something super cozy and welcoming about returning to a more traditional, rustic vibe throughout your home. 


The kitchen, in particular, tends to be the central hub of the home; this is the place to just take a moment with a cup of coffee, help the kids with their homework, and enjoy a delicious meal for the whole family. 


The good news is that it is possible to bring your vintage, rustic dream to life without having to go through the stress of renovating a whole new kitchen. From painted cabinet doors to simple accents, read on to discover just how to update kitchen cabinets so that they are aligned with your dreamy country-inspired aesthetic.


Paint and Stain Your Cabinets


A simple lick of paint or layer of wood stain can make a huge difference in helping your cabinet doors look and feel more homely. Wood stains, in particular, can do a great job of helping your cabinets feel more weathered–ideal for creating that farmhouse vibe. Use your wood stain to create deeper stains in some areas for a more vintage look, or opt for light blues and buttercup yellows to create a country-style effect.


When painting or staining, make sure you start by prepping the doors by cleaning and sanding them. Be sure to understand how to dry painted cabinet doors thoroughly before adding any other details or accents.


Add Vintage-Style Hardware


The hardware of your cabinets can also have a huge impact on their overall look and feel, and the right handles can introduce some vintage charm into your kitchen cabinets. 


Opting for antique-style knobs and handles can add a stylishly weathered feel–perfect for any rustic space–and they are even better if you can source them from a vintage antique shop or sale! From metal pulls to wooden accents, there are plenty of options available when it comes to finding the right pieces for your project.


Alternatively, if you already have some hardware that you love, then why not try giving it a new lease of life? For example, try coating a wooden handle in a layer of gold paint for a shabby-chic feel–you can use spray paints and specially designed formulas to create the perfect finish, and this can be a great way to get the result you want while still cutting costs.


Don’t Forget Accessories


The right accessories are essential for finishing off any look, and a rustic atmosphere is no exception. Really bring your look to life with accents such as mason jars and candles placed on shelves around the cabinets, as well as items such as baskets, pottery, and even some indoor plants in the cabinets themselves. These can bring a touch of natural charm to your space, and they are the perfect way to really make it feel like home!


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Cozy rugs and throws can also help to bring the look to life. Choose traditional, cozy shades and patterns to add warmth to your space.


In Summary


From painting cabinet doors to adding the right accessories, there are plenty of ways that you can update your kitchen cabinets for a more rustic look, and this is a project that is well within your reach. 


With just a few small changes, you can have the perfect vintage-style kitchen in no time! So, why not get started and start enjoying your stylish new space today?