Glass has always been a great way to add a touch of class and sophistication to a home. You often see them used in kitchen cabinet doors, too, giving you a peek into the cupboards–a great way to break off the monotony of the space and give your kitchen a more rustic and homey look. 

That said, if you’re looking for a more modern aesthetic, glass kitchen cabinet doors may not fit the bill. Luckily, you can easily install new kitchen cabinet doors from 27EStore’s collection of modern cabinet doors in a quick DIY project! This just involves unhinging and unscrewing your old fixtures, then fitting your new kitchen cabinet doors.

Why Remove Glass from Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Glass on kitchen cabinet doors doesn’t necessarily look bad. In fact, they may even be considered classic pieces, especially if you maintain them well–but you may be encouraged to remove them for style and safety. 

Here are some things to consider when removing glass from kitchen cabinet doors:


Some glass on kitchen cabinet doors may be outdated or don’t match the overall look that you’re going for. You may want to remove them to make way for more modern fixtures.


Kitchens are the most used rooms in any home, and that means that there is always lots of movement within the space. If something unruly happens that involves the glass on your kitchen cabinet doors, it may be unsafe.


It can be difficult to deal with defective glass because you’ll constantly be in danger while you’re in the kitchen. The safest way to avoid any related accidents is to get rid of the glass altogether, especially if you’re already seeing cracks, chips, or discoloration.


Glass can wear over time. If your kitchen cabinet doors feature glass fixtures that are over fifteen years old, you may need to take them out for safety reasons.

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How to Remove Glass from Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Removing glass from kitchen cabinet doors is easy, but it does come with some safety risks since you’re dealing with something fragile. When taking on this DIY project, it’s crucial that you have the right tools and that you’re sufficiently covered to avoid any accidents.

First things first, gather all the materials you need: a screwdriver, some pliers, and a putty knife. Next, be sure to put on gloves and goggles or some face covering to protect your eyes. 

Using your screwdriver, remove all the screws and fasteners that are holding the glass in place. There may also be other things, like staples and glue, which you’ll also want to take off. Then, with your pliers, gently pry the glass away from the doors. 

Make sure that you’re holding the glass properly to support its weight so that it doesn’t fall and break. It helps to have someone else with you at this step for extra caution. If the glass is stuck on some parts, use your putty knife to pull it away. Be sure to put down the glass carefully in a safe space.

Now, you can prep your cabinetry for a replacement, whether that’s reverse kitchen cabinet doors, new glass, or completely new fixtures.

Replace Glass Kitchen Cabinet Doors with Modern Cabinet Doors from 27EStore

While glass is timeless, it may not fit as well in modern kitchens as sleek cabinet doors would. If you’d like to give your space a more up-to-date boost, check out 27EStore’s collection of modern kitchen cabinets. 

You can choose from a variety of styles in our catalog, and each cabinet is custom-built to your sizing requirements to ensure a proper fit. Find inspiration for your upgraded kitchen at 27EStore today!