Wooden wall panels are a great way to add a natural touch to any space. Their affordability and robust construction also make them an excellent choice for home remodeling. 

Wood wall panels can help increase a home’s resale value, but they’re also ideal for customizing your space to fit your tastes. 

Transforming Spaces

Wood paneling is a fantastic option for those looking to give a room a makeover. Engineered wood paneling is made to be installed quickly and can change a room's entire design overnight. 

Accent Walls

Rooms can feel cramped if the walls are all one color; one solution is to break up the uniformity. Try adding darker wood panels to opposite walls and leaving white walls on the other sides. By drawing the eye to focus from one color to the next, it makes the room feel larger. 

Add a Focal Point

Transforming a space isn’t just about how large the room feels. You may want to know what size wood for wall paneling makes sense for your home–the correct answer is the one that aligns with your tastes.

A single large piece of paneling positioned strategically can draw the eye to wherever it is placed. A wooden panel will pull each visitors’ gaze to whomever or whatever is in front of the panel, allowing you to highlight whatever you’d like. 

Illuminated Ideas

While the wall panels are the star of the show, that doesn’t mean they always shine on their own. Strategically placed lighting can help. 

Backlit Boards

Backlighting used to be a tricky affair. Space had to be made for incandescent bulbs, or there had to be a gap large enough for a fluorescent light tube. Both of these options left a lot to be desired, and didn’t provide much in the way of color flexibility. 

Today, LEDs have revolutionized home lighting. Paper-thin strips can be added behind wooden panels in just seconds. Put this together with these strips’ chameleon color palette, and you have a recipe for a complete visual makeover. 

Accent Lighting

Rich and dark wood tones are a fantastic backdrop to your favorite pieces of art. That said, what’s the point in hanging an artistic masterpiece if no one can clearly see it?

Utilizing ceiling-mounted adjustable track lighting can help spotlight your most prized portraits. You can also use lights that attach below a picture frame and light it from beneath. Both these options are easy upgrades that will help highlight your favorite art. 

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Textured Surfaces

Paneling isn’t just about colors and tones. Engineered wood panels come in an array of textures and finishes, from smooth, high-gloss to the deep grooves of natural wood.

Adding darker grooved wood can help a room feel like a grand library room of the 19th century. Lighter tones with a smoother finish can help add a contemporary look to any modern office.   

All Your Wood Panel Colors and Textures in One Place

At 27EStore, we have a huge selection of wooden wall panels in every color and texture imaginable. For those wondering what wall paneling is made of, our high-quality panels are constructed of high-pressure laminate or real wood veneer over engineered wood. When fused together with the rock-solid durability of resin, our wood panels are built to last!