Big-box stores have their place, for sure, but when you’re picking out you’re interior doors, you need to think outside the big-box. Plain, hollow doors look bare and hollow, and they’re limited in how well they block sound. For an upscale look, designer doors do double-duty. They offer both a high-end look as well as quality construction, so that loud noises are dampened. Anyone who appreciates luxury – which includes pretty much everyone – can appreciate thoughtfully constructed doors. by 27Indigo are gorgeous examples of what happens when form meets function. 27Indigo doors offer solid construction and contain no honeycomb and no paper filling. Made of eco-friendly materials, the most popular 27Indigo interior door offers all natural walnut wood veneers with a small glass panel from top to bottom. This kind of clean, contemporary look is what many people are after because it’s like a piece of art all by itself. Because quality doors can add considerably to your home’s resale value, it’s worth taking the time to carefully select the right ones when building or remodeling. Quality doors really do make a difference. When builders shop for used homes for themselves, they often check out the grade of interior doors in the home. Why? They are looking to discern what kinds of materials were used in the home’s construction. If the doors are hollow, then the whole home probably has similar low-end materials. It’s a fast way to determine whether the home is made of disposable pieces or lasting materials. Another top seller from the 27Indigo collection is the wenge door. If you’re familiar with wenge and walnut woods, you know they add stylish look to your interior. A modern door like this one, with Italian wood veneers, spells opulence. Sold as single doors or double doors, they look like expensive jewelry for the home.

Wenge Walnut interior door

With interior doors from big-box stores, you get barren doors with no character. Not only do they not add sparkle, they can detract from a home’s appearance. In any real estate market, quality matters. Though luxury doors are not as low-priced as doors from mega stores, you get what you pay for, every single time. Designer doors are an investment. What do your doors say about your home’s personality? Do they say “I’m bold” like Zebrano Wenge doors by 27Indigo, or do they say “I’m warm and cozy” like teak contemporary doors? Give some thought to what your internal doors say about your home’s persona. Doors from the exotic 27Indigo collection are available for purchase in the U.S. from