Interior doors aren’t given much thought by most people, but home builders and designers give them considerable thought. Not only do they provide privacy, they also can provide coziness. Home builders prefer solid interior doors over flimsy ones, and home designers look to doors to add style and character. With the right choice, your house can go from too open and airy to cozy and comfortable. aren’t just for the French:) Double interior French doors provide a graceful entrance to bedrooms and home offices; they beg to be opened. They neatly fit into the architecture of any style of home. Guests are curious about what is beyond closed French doors. They add drama like no other door can and symbolize craftsmanship in a home. It’s worth the time to find the right size and style for your remodeling project.

Bleached oak French doors

Wood interior doors are a must for any home update, because nothing dates a house faster than beat-up hollow doors from the 1980s. While you can paint the trim white in your house, you cannot paint old door veneers because they will look obviously outdated. Your brushstrokes will be seen from a mile away, and you won’t even have to be looking closely. Imagine a house with worn doors hanging from their hinges, and then imagine the same house with new. Which house seems sturdier to you? If your house is small, the interior doors take on even more importance. In tight quarters, it’s easy to get annoyed by your fellow family members. It’s silly to fight about who’s being too loud when something as simple as the right door can solve the problem. Solid doors aren’t something that you can forego without losing your sanity. How can you decide which interior doors are right for you? Ideally, they will match or harmonize with the surrounding trim. Unless you want your door to stand out, it’s best if its finish blends with everything else. If you’re on a tight budget, you can choose the best doors where you need the most soundproofing, and get less pricey ones for the areas that need less of a noise buffer. Often people regret not having in the first place, but the beauty of remodeling is that you can fix past mistakes. are offered in different styles to meet your privacy and aesthetic needs; by browsing through pictures, you’ll find a style that speaks to you.