For some homeowners, picking out wall colors that elegantly blend with their kitchen cabinets can be challenging, especially if they have gray pieces. Fortunately, you can experiment with to make the kitchen more exciting and aesthetically pleasing.

Neutral gray cabinets offer homeowners a blank canvas when it comes to kitchen designs because there aren’t many restrictions on the kind of materials or colors you can use in other areas of the space. This means that you can turn on your creativity and incorporate personal preferences to make your kitchen even more special.

In addition, gray cabinets have become trendy recently. This was not always the case and it should therefore come as no surprise that some of us, at one time or another, considered gray cabinets to be sterile looking. In today’s modern world, you can easily make your gray cabinets stand out with the correct accent colors. You can also learn to make your space a whole lot more appealing.

Opinions about the color gray have evolved in recent years–it is no longer considered boring and depressing but is seen to represent elegance and style. Furthermore, with modern technologies offering so many wall textures and colors suitable for gray cabinets, there is no way that a kitchen can end up looking dull. You only need to know how to incorporate these details into the overall space.

Wall Colors That Look Best with Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Most interior design experts agree that when it comes to decorating with gray cabinets, creating contrast is the name of the game. Whether you have light gray cabinets in your kitchen or prefer a more dramatic option, your walls should still stand out in your space. They should be able to create some contrast that can make the kitchen more lively.

In most cases, we recommend keeping your kitchen walls lighter or darker than your cabinets rather than trying to match the hue. This will help to keep appearances interesting, but the final decision ultimately rests with you and what you prefer in terms of design.

Gray cabinets offer a sleek, contemporary look for most homeowners. Your goal should be to complement the gray with other finishes or colors.

With that out of the way, the following are four kitchen wall colors that can elegantly blend with your gray cabinets.

1. White

It may seem simple and obvious, but you should never underestimate how much white walls can make your gray cabinets look more appealing, especially if you take . Despite being a standard color option, white can also give the walls of your kitchen a festive feel while complementing your gray cabinets.


Beige is another kitchen wall color idea that you can use if you want to give your gray cabinets a warm and inviting feel. Even though these colors together are not your typical combination, they still offer an effortlessly beautiful and homey kitchen appeal.

However, it’s best to not go overboard by using warmer tones of beige, as gray is known to do better with cooler shades.

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Some people may feel that if you have gray kitchen cabinets, adding more gray to your walls could be a bit much. By using a slightly different shade than the one on your cabinets, you can create some contrast in your kitchen and provide a unique finishing touch.


Blue is yet another great option for your kitchen walls if you have gray cabinets. Try to avoid dark blue tones, but stick with a lighter shade that can complement your gray cabinetry and give your kitchen an ultra-modern look.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to color coordination in the kitchen, you do not have to use the same colors to achieve that perfect look and feel. Although most people see a mono-color setup as simple and classy, contrasting your walls and cabinets can give your kitchen a better layout and a more appealing look. On the other hand, you also have to keep your walls and cabinets cohesive, which means they should complement each other and not compete for attention.