The standard height of interior wood doors is eighty inches, which is often the minimum required by code. This measures six feet and eight inches, which is why most standard interior doors are known as ‘6-8 doors.’ 

Some codes allow shorter doors, which are typically seventy-eight inches tall and called ‘6-6 doors.’ Knowing the right measurements for your interior doors can help you choose the right entryways, comply with regulations, and design your home the way you want it!

Standard Interior Door Measurements

Here’s a breakdown of standard interior door measurements commonly followed in most households:


Interior doors are generally required to be a minimum of eighty inches tall. Closet doors or other entryways that people don’t normally pass through (like entrances to mechanical or utility rooms) may be slightly shorter at seventy-eight inches tall. This is the shortest that they can be, but you can opt for taller doors if your home’s dimensions allow for them.


The width of most interior doors ranges between twenty-eight and thirty-two inches, with the standard being thirty-two inches wide. Some suppliers offer narrower doors, but these are often used for closets and utility spaces. You may also find wider doors, which are popular in homes with disabled or senior residents.


The thickness of interior doors is usually either one and three-eights inches or 1.5 inches. These can either be hollow core (with nothing inside) or solid core (filled with foam or sawdust). Some doors are a quarter-inch thicker, but these are typically used as fire doors.


Standard Measurements of Different Types of Interior Doors

While doors generally follow standard measurements, they can vary in height, weight, and thickness, with differences between interior and exterior doors. Interior doors can be customized depending on their purpose and placement in your home. 

Here are some use-based measurements to know:

Hall-to-Room Doors

Hall-to-room doors generally include all interior doors that lead from one room to another or a room to the hallway. In modern homes, these measure eighty inches tall, thirty-two inches wide, and one and three-eighths inches thick.

Doors with glass panels are great options for interior doors, and glass doors are often energy-efficient, which gives them an extra edge.

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Oversized Doors

Oversized doors are usually installed to accommodate those with mobility challenges (i.e. require wider door openings). These necessitate doors that are thirty-six inches wide and may need to be taller at up to ninety-six inches. These types of doors are often custom-made.

Pocket Doors

Pocket doors range between thirty-two to thirty-six inches wide, but they need double the space so that they can slide into their pockets. You have to pay extra attention to these measurements because the thickness will also affect how your door will track and fit into the wall.

Closet Doors

Closet sizes vary greatly, and so do their doors. Generally, however, these interior doors can be shorter in height and are often thinner than usual; their width also varies depending on the space.

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