While interior doors with glass panels are now considered a modern design feature, they date all the way back to the 17th century, when glazing became fashionable and a mark of superior taste in European countries such as France and Italy. At the time, the materials and production techniques available for craftspeople to build a door with glass panels were somewhat different, with doors constructed from wood or iron often taking weeks or months for talented artisans to design for affluent property owners.


Now known as ‘French doors,’ these feature entrances were used on external and internal passageways, using slimline door frames and delicate glass to enhance the light and airflow within properties–and have evolved into modern tempered glass available in a huge array of styles and configurations.


What Is the Purpose of Doors With Glass Panels?


Glass offers the perfect blend of functionality, security, and ambiance, channeling natural light into your home without compromising energy efficiency, taking up additional space, or creating a safety issue. Contemporary doors with glass panels are produced with advanced, modern production methods, using solid wood doors and frames, high-strength materials, durable fixings, and beautiful colors, textures, and shades to make your doors a focal point.


Rather than having to prop doors open to allow for sufficient light, a glass door means you can close off rooms that are in use, enhancing privacy without making smaller spaces, particularly hallways and basement rooms, feel enclosed or dark.


As covered in our separate guide on how to replace glass panel in door installations, glass is relatively simple to replace should it become damaged. However, we always suggest purchasing a premium quality door with toughened, laminated glass to ensure your new doors remain in great condition and are safe for family members of all ages.


Where to Fit Glazed Doors in Your Property


The right placements for doors with glass panels depend on the layout of your home, the rooms you use most often, and spaces you might wish to separate–such as lounges and dens, where families tend to prefer closed doors in the evening to restrict sounds from TVs and devices. Another hugely popular way to use glass-paneled doors is between kitchens and dining or entertaining areas. 


During cooking, you can shut your doors if you wish to avoid distractions and to contain scents of herbs and spices. When hosting guests or engaging with your family, the doors can be thrown open to create a welcoming atmosphere–either way, the kitchen remains light, bright, and airy.

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Selecting delicately frosted semi-opaque panels is the perfect solution for homeowners using glass panels within doors that lead onto porches, garden rooms, and front entrances, concealing belongings and ensuring you can relax and unwind out of view from passersby.


27estore produces interior doors with glass panels designed from impact-resistant glass with excellent tensile strength and shatter-proof glazing that is extremely difficult to break. Quality glass is preferable for any space within your home, whether you'd like to bring more light into darker corners and nooks or need a solution that gives you the flexibility to segregate areas whenever you wish without blocking out the sunlight.


How Can I Customize Doors With Glass Panels?


As specialists in elegant, premium doors, the 27estore team offers a huge range of customization options to tailor the finish, size, and features of your doors to your needs, adapting doors to your property, preferences, and tastes. You can select optional features, accessories, and hardware, request a custom door size for homes with unusual frames or extra-wide entrances, or even choose a glazed door as a pair, replacing outdated double doors with a high-performance model.


We focus on outstanding service and value for money, using various glass placements and designs from small-scale feature panels in symmetrical configurations across the face of your door to full-height glass or glazing strips to add interest to your interiors. When placing your order, simply work through our detailed list of options, with your choice of door thickness, left-hand or right-hand handing, and leversets with jambs and casings available on-demand to be delivered at the same time as your new door.


Browse our collection online or get in touch for independent recommendations about the best glazed doors for your interior design project–with a comprehensive selection of luxurious wood finishes and elegant veneers that bring a touch of French sophistication to any home.