Grey Oak Storm Glass Interior Door

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People often forget to think of how important a door can be for a room, stylistically. Even a sunroom or your laundry room should have a door that adds something to the space’s design. One door that would work perfectly for either of those rooms is our Grey Oak Storm Glass interior door. The door is functional as well as being beautiful to look at. The door features a large glass panel framed with the grey wood with black markings in the grain. The door provides for needed privacy, as the glass is frosted, but permits light to flow into and out of the room.

When decorating your laundry room with this door incorporate black and grey elements. For long and narrow laundry rooms paint one wall a pale grey to create an accent wall. The other walls could be a pale blue or lavender for a touch of color. If space is permitting put your washer and dryer in a line along that same wall. A deep sink for handling tough or large items would be a welcome addition. Create a series of shelves for storage over your appliances to stow away your cleaners. A long bench for folding clothes and a pole for hanging clothes would be excellent touches for any laundry room.

Aditional Information:

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Every complete door set includes the following features:

  • All Eco-clean materials
  • Natural wood veneer
  • Dense slab composure reduces noise
  • Heavy feel door - NO honeycomb/NO paper filling inside
  • Solid wood frame*
  • Rubber sealed door stop*
  • Regulating jambs*
  • 2 sets of molding included*
  • 3 hinges included*

*when jambs are ordered

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Things to consider in comparing our interior doors

27Indigo Doors Other modern doors
Slab Composition Engineered/solid wood Paper filling
Jambs Solid wood MDF/Composite materials
Lever Sets Brand name Emtek N/A
Regulating Jambs Yes - up to ½ N/A
Finish Natural wood Italian veneers Laminates, generic veneers
8 ft Doors Available Yes - select models Varies with supplier
Fully Customizable Yes Varies with supplier
Double Doors Available Yes Varies with supplier
Lead Time Contact Us 9-15 weeks

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Door Handing review chart

Door Handing review chart

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