come in a range of widths, from twenty-four inches to thirty-six inches. You can pick and choose your required door size on any high-quality internal door throughout the 27estore catalog!

It is highly advisable you take accurate measurements before and consider other factors such as the direction you'd like your door to open and the thickness of the door. While is certainly an option, our customized doors can be ordered to your specification, with left or right handing to ensure your home improvement projects are seamless and stress-free.

How to Pick the Perfect Width Interior Door

Door sizes are (unfortunately) not universally standard because so much depends on when your property was built, local building codes, and other elements, such as whether you need wheelchair-accessible entrance ways. At 27estore, we provide a range of door widths across our modern, glass, and French doors, as well as higher-profile eight-foot interior doors for maximum choice and flexibility.

Below, we’ve run through some of the key building codes that determine the size of your internal doors:

  • Current standard doors are built to thirty-two inches wide, also called a '2/8 door.’ These dimensions are the smallest recommended size for an interior door on a new build but don't always apply to older properties.
  • Narrower doors, from twenty-four inches up to thirty-two inches, are often used for utility spaces, closets, and storage cupboards. Period properties built before 1914 may have thirty-inch-wide passageways, called a '2/6 door.'
  • Wider thirty-six-inch doors comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and are designed for use with wheelchairs and other mobility aids; they are also ideal for retirement properties since they allow a more generous space to move.

The best option is undoubtedly to give the doorway a quick measure to verify the correct door size you require, but this information explains why the dimensions may vary from the norm.

Standard Interior Door Heights

Just as interior doors vary in width, they can also be different heights. The standard dimension in the US is eighty inches, although closets and cupboards are usually a bit smaller at seventy-eight inches.

An eighty-inch-high interior door is the most common size for an internal door that leads between rooms and is often called a ‘6/8 door’ as it is six feet and eight inches high. However, there are no rules whatsoever if you’d like extra-height doors!

Higher profile interior doors can be a fantastic way to add natural light to your rooms with a stunning set of French doors or a class oak or walnut door with a glazed panel. We recommend browsing our eight-foot interior doors if you prefer grander opening spaces, perfect for taller family members, statement interior design, or making the most of generous ceiling heights to emphasize the feeling of space.

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Choosing the Right Thickness for an Internal Door

Finally, let's discuss door thickness, an often overlooked dimension crucial for busy homes, noise reduction, insulation, and highly functional home design schemes. Interior doors come in two thicknesses of 1.5 inches or 1.75 inches, but the challenge is that a hollow door filled with sawdust or foam does little to reduce noise or heat transference.

27estore delivers interior doors with standard thicknesses (based on your preferences) for straightforward installation but focuses on exceptional quality and solid, sturdy, engineered doors that are an important fire safety measure designed to cope with the rigors of modern life. Solid wood and engineered slab doors are far superior to paper-filled doors. They offer several times the quality and insulation of a similarly sized door, with a premium weight and texture.

How to Replace a Non-Standard Interior Door

We recognize that every property is different, and standard-sized doors aren't suitable for many homes, whether they have been standing for generations, are built to bespoke specifications, or need to incorporate special features for functionality or accessibility. Our ranges of interior doors are customizable to your needs, allowing you to choose the right dimensions and specifications once you have selected the door model and finish that is the best fit for your property.

Options include:

  • Standard-height or ultra-tall eight-foot doors
  • Choices of door width from twenty-four to thirty-six inches
  • Tailored door thickness, either 1.5 or 1.75 inches
  • Adjustable door handing, including left and right handing and left or right-hand reverse handles
  • Additional jambs and casing and leversets

27estore French doors also come in extended widths, from forty-eight to seventy-two inches, for a double-opening interior door system built to fit perfectly into your home.