A door is not just the entry into any room in a home; it is also an element in the overall design of each room. In most homes, the pre-installed doors are very basic without any sort of design element added to them. With the doors at www.27estore.com you will not only get a high quality door, but also a new design element for the connecting rooms, in which it is installed. If you have the desire to add a new design element to any room of your home, then a new interior door from 27estore is exactly what you need.

Each and every door sold at 27estore is of the highest quality. Unlike traditional interior doors, the ones offered by our craftsman are not hollow doors lacking any sort of design. All of the interior doors are created with a base solid slab to offer a more solid, or dense door. Applied on top of that slab of wood is a high quality wood veneer. These wood veneers come in a wide selection of designs and colors to suit every interior design need. In addition to the quality and solid construction of the interior doors, all of the doorjambs, moldings, and parts needed to install your new interior door, are also of the highest quality construction.

Another benefit to 27estore’s high quality interior doors is that they provide privacy, security, and a noise barrier. Unlike common hollow doors, or doors with honeycomb or paper fillers, the solid slab doors provide a much-needed sound barrier between rooms. When the interior doors are closed, sounds that come from stereos or televisions will not carry from one room to another.

If you want to add a high quality design element to any room one easy way to do that, is to install any of the interior doors offered at www.27estore.com. Not only will you be able to select a design style that fits your interior design style, but you will also be adding a door that offers noise reduction. For the high quality interior doors you want at affordable prices, there is no better place to go than 27estore.