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- 17mm premium MDF core

- 0.7mm thick matte lacquer acrylic face

- 0.6mm high-impact polystyrene film reverse side

- High UV stability

- Smooth soft-to-the-touch finish


Materials and design techniques are forever evolving. What is the perfect design option one day may be extremely passé the next. When it comes to searching for the perfect materials for your kitchen or home renovation you want to ensure that you are only getting the highest quality materials that will last for years to come. One of the most impressive and sought after materials currently on the market is the Acrylic Matte Board.

Acrylic Matte Boards are unlike materials traditionally used for kitchen, bathroom, and additional furniture components. These premium decorative boards are far more than something nice to look at. They afford the user with multiple beneficial features. One of the most important aspects of these boards is all of the thought and planning that went into deciding how they would be constructed. They are constructed with a 17mm premium MDF core. The face, or front, of the board is covered with a matte lacquered acrylic, which is 0.7mm thick. A high-impact polystyrene film 0.6mm thick covers the reverse side. The boards are constructed in this manner to offer improved stability.


In addition to its solid construction, these boards have enhanced anti-fingerprint properties, high UV stability, and exceptional impact strength. These are all must-have features in a busy home. Although your kitchen cabinets will need to be cleaned occasionally, knowing that fingerprints won’t show up quite as easily is an incredible benefit, especially in homes with small children. Furthermore, when so many kitchens boast an array of windows for that much-needed natural light, you do not want to be concerned that all that light will damage your new cabinetry. The high UV stability afforded by these Acrylic Matte Boards allows for peace of mind in that respect.


Because of their exceptional construction, these Acrylic Matte Boards work well for any kitchen design. They can also be incorporated into other cabinetry and furniture components throughout the home. They offer the subtle appearance of acrylic on the surface while offering an overall elegant look.


Another remarkable quality to the Acrylic Matte Boards is that they offer a unique feature. Unlike most traditional cabinet doors, they have a finish that is not only smooth but it is soft to the touch. This unusual feature makes the board nice to look at but nice to touch. It does, however, not detract from the quality craftsmanship of your cabinetry when used in your kitchen.


You can incorporate these Acrylic Matte Boards into your kitchen design no matter what your theme.  Opt for a dramatic kitchen by selecting a deep dark color such as the black, grey, or even a brown similar in color to a latte. Continue the drama in the black kitchen with black countertops and appliances. Brighten up the room by incorporating white walls, countertops, and stainless steel appliances as shown in the included photographs.


Choosing to use Acrylic Matte Boards in your kitchen design gives you everything you can desire. You are installing highly-durable, well-crafted cabinetry into your home that will stand up to a busy household. It will also afford you with a beautifully designed kitchen in the colors you desire.


In this bright white kitchen, the matte finish offers a stunning appearance without being overpowering. The choice of stainless steel accents in the toe kick, appliances, and other hardware pairs well with the colors of the cabinet while adding a bit of interest to the room's design. The choice of the black marble countertop helps break up all of the white while adding to the overall elegant look of this rather simple kitchen.

Renovating your kitchen using this incredibly well-constructed Acrylic Matte Boards is only one use. These boards are designed to stand up to other areas of the home, such as bathrooms, home offices, and laundry rooms. They are also of a high enough caliber that they can easily be used to upgrade any retail or commercial space.

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Although the first inclination is to use such a highly-crafted material for kitchens and bathrooms in both residential and commercial spaces it has other purposes. This exquisitely made Acrylic Matte Board also works for swapping out the doors and drawers used on your bedroom or home office furniture. Another potential option would be to use this well-made product to upgrade other furniture pieces. If you have other design ideas for which these boards may work consider discussing your possible uses with one of our highly qualified customer service agents. No matter how large or small your project, do not stick to inexpensive cabinets and cabinet doors. Only consider using the absolute best materials on the market – the Acrylic Matte Boards.


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