Can you reface cabinets? You can! Salvaging your cabinet can be done by replacing doors, drawer fronts, or any hardware while still holding onto the vanity base cabinet structure. Refacing is often less disruptive than replacing your cabinets because you don’t have to remove the entire structure. It’s a great option for those looking to renovate or update their bathroom cabinets with minimal energy and expense.


Why is your bathroom cabinet peeling? It’s likely because your cabinet is exposed to moisture, and sometimes, cabinets need a refresh when their adhesive or surface breaks down. In order to create a cohesive appearance during refacing, cabinet surfaces may also receive new veneers or laminates to match the updated doors and drawer fronts.


27estore is the go-to cabinet manufacturer for anyone looking to give their bathroom cabinets a facelift. Our cabinet doors and drawer fronts are built-to-order to ensure your decor visions are met. All you need to do is give us your cabinet and door measurements and we can get to work to craft the perfect parts for your bathroom project. Our hope is to provide you with maximum flexibility and control when designing your ideal space.


Reface or Replace? Trends and Cost


A recent Houzz study found that 23% of home renovators are turning to cabinetmakers to assist in their bathroom renovations. According to this same study, vanity cabinets are the most renovated features in the space as more people are opting to replace or reface their existing cabinet structure.


Making the decision to replace or reface comes down to what type of project you’d like to take on and what you’d like to spend. Home and garden magazine Behind the Hedges calls cabinet refacing “less messy and disruptive” than replacing cabinets, and says it is roughly 30% to 50% less expensive, as well. 


Refacing can be done do-it-yourself style, but Behind the Hedges recommends turning to a professional to get the job done. However, labor costs and material costs can drive the price up quickly.


Renovation Options


When it comes to refacing cabinets, there are a number of ways you can recycle and renovate your base structure, as well as customize the look to your design choices. 


The right cabinet doors and drawer fronts, for example, can elevate any space and make any room feel more tailored to the aesthetic of a home. Choose from matte, solid-color high pressure laminate (HPL), or high-gloss cabinet door styles to fit your style best. Each material has unique traits from their durability to appearance and cost.


You may also opt to upgrade your cabinet hardware–like handles, knobs and drawer pulls–to complement the cabinet doors and drawer fronts. This relatively low lift can lead to a significant improvement in overall look and feel of your bathroom.


Renovate with 27estore


Whether you’ve decided to replace or reface your cabinetry, 27estore can help you in the process. Our cabinet doors and drawers are easy to install and offer something unique to your space.


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