Adding a bathroom vanity cabinet to your wall can add valuable storage space and enhance the aesthetic of your bathroom, but the plaster wall itself cannot hold the cabinet weight. Luckily, if you use wall studs, wall anchors, or toggle bolts, you can effectively support your cabinets. 


Doing this correctly and ensuring your cabinets are secure and level on your wall from the start requires careful planning and precise execution. Just like finding tips for organizing vanity cabinets is beneficial, looking for tips on finding the right mounting technique for your space is a great idea.


If renovating or creating the perfect bathroom is next on your to-do list, 27estore has plenty of cabinet options to choose from for your space, with a curated variety made to match any design aesthetic or budget. Pre-made cabinets are created with convenience and cost in mind, and can save you both time and energy along the way.


The Stud Finding Technique


Using the appropriate mounting techniques is crucial to ensuring a secure, stable cabinet installation. Once you’ve decided where you’d like the cabinet to be in your bathroom space‒with accessibility and proximity to plumbing in mind‒you’re ready to get started.


To streamline the installation process, use wall studs for the strongest support. Use a battery-operated stud finder to locate the studs behind the plasterboard. The stud finder will light up and beep at you once it has detected a stud on the other side of the wall. 


If the device doesn’t light up or beep, you may have plaster that is placed on a metal lathe. If so, your stud finder won’t work properly, and you’ll need to find the studs manually by knocking, listening for a solid sound, and then probing the wall for the stud.


Once you’ve located the stud, mark its edges so it is easy to find again later. When it’s time to drill, use the proper drill bit and pre-drill holes at those marked spots. You’ll want to be sure the holes are drilled into the center of the studs for the best support.


Mounting with Wall Anchors


Wall anchors are another excellent mounting option. By inserting wall anchors into pre-drilled holes, you can provide adequate support in plasterboard when studs aren’t available. 


Most wall anchors have weight ratings. It’s important to note how much your wall anchor can hold before you decide to mount a cabinet with it. Pay close attention to the installation depth and hole size to ensure a snug fit and proper support.


Careful measurements are key. Various types of wall anchors require different insertion techniques like tapping, screwing, or toggling into place. Be sure to follow the instructions closely and don’t over-tighten! 


Installing Using Toggle Bolts


When toggle bolts are installed correctly, they can hold a cabinet suspended on the wall without issue as long as the plasterboard or drywall is still strong. Start by selecting the right toggle bolt size based on the weight of the cabinet. Once you’ve matched the bolt to the corresponding holes and insert them, it will pop open behind the plasterboard. Tighten the bolts by turning them clockwise until they are safely in place.


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