Thinking of remodeling? If so, you might want to consider creating a sense of openness and light within your home by the addition of double doors. Often referred to as “French doors”, these are a great way to create a visual separation without also losing out on space and light.

They are usually made from large panes of glass which is often divided into “lights” through the use of wood moldings or plastic inserts. Some homeowners opt to eliminate the dividers and use the doors as both a window and also as a means of gaining access to the room or space.

Double doors are often used for exterior entrances from areas like porches and patios, but they are a great choice for interior spaces too. For instance, it is quite common to see them installed as the primary means of entering a family room or a dining room. Consider the benefits of a large open entrance to a room used by a large group of people, such as a dining room. The width of a double doorway is an excellent method of allowing lots of freedom of movement between rooms, along with plenty of ambient light too.

When a room is being updated or remodeled it is the ideal time to choose new double interior doors – especially if the entryway is only a single door width. This is because there will be the need to install the appropriate framing into which the door unit is inserted. Just like all high-quality interior doors, however, most double doors will come as pre-hung units that are usually accompanied by matching jambs, framing, and molding required.

Double interior doors can be made from a variety of materials and are even available without glass; instead using luxury or designer woods. They are available as environmentally friendly designs as well, and will rely on responsibly harvested hardwoods and veneers.