What are custom interior doors? Well, they are not custom sized, standard doors which have been ordered through a massive home improvement store. Instead, they are doors made to the highest standards and using the finest materials in order to get the best results.

For instance, there are many interior custom doors which are made from a solid wood core and finished with a gorgeous wood veneer. This might mean a single door treated with an overlay of Zebrawood veneer, a windowed door made from patterned oak, or a pair of double doors with a cleverly installed design of Teak woods. The main issue is that these doors are not “off the shelf” and therefore they can be used to make some serious effects.

Remember, when someone chooses to use custom interior doors it is usually as part of some sort of overall design scheme. For example, a family which has a very contemporary home will be likely to use lots of stainless steel, cooler palettes, and even some synthetics to create that sort of modern atmosphere. Unfortunately, such choices can leave the space feeling void of warmth or nature. The simple selection of a custom door, or a pair of custom French doors, in a warmer hue can make all of the difference. These might bring lightness, texture, and the beauty of natural wood into what was at risk of being a very austere setting.

There are also some wonderful options for doors which incorporate glass features into their designs as well. These are frequently selected by a very wide-range of people including those with Mission style homes, business offices, and contemporary spaces too.

Custom doors are a great way to give any decorating scheme an instant boost, and many professional designers actually see the door as a form of “introduction” to the design to be found inside the room.