It is not easy to know where to cut costs on a remodeling job, but one of the simplest ways to really save thousands of dollars is to choose cabinet doors replacement over complete cabinets replacement. The trick is to know if your space is ideally suited for this option.

Firstly, there are two types of cabinets – those with frames and those without. The frameless types are usually referred to as “European”, but they might also simply be labeled frameless cabinets. They require the cabinet doors replacement to have an entirely different set of hinges, and will be installed differently too. The cabinets with frames are a bit tricky to work with, particularly because it is difficult to match the cabinet frames with the doors finish, and this is often the reason that a homeowner or even a professional designer will opt for the cleaner and simply frameless types.

You will have to also understand that it isn’t just doors being updated; it is also any visible surfaces too. This is another reason to determine your type of cabinetry before beginning the process, because you are going to have to have matching veneer installed on those spaces before installing the cabinet doors replacement too.

Most people with frameless cabinets will need to purchase minimal amounts of the veneer, and tend to have a trouble-free installation because there is no “reveal” involved. The reveal is the slender strip of frame that is viewable between the cabinet doors, and if they are not even or properly installed this can become an unattractive problem.

If you are determined to cut costs on a renovation or cosmetic upgrade, you should consider replacement doors and veneers. Be sure you are buying only natural wood veneers, and avoid laminates and imitation materials as they degrade quickly and can do everything from peeling away from the surface to creating ugly bubbles beneath the surface of the finish.