Here at, we understand just how important interior doors can be to the overall look of your home. Though often underrated, they are capable of really drawing your décor together. If you have selected a great finish which complements the rest of the décor then your interior doors will offer the ideal finishing touch. However, it's not all about looks. Interior doors are of course very functional as well, providing sound-proofing, a barrier to keep heat or central air in the room and perhaps most important of all privacy.

On realizing just how important interior doors can be, it suddenly becomes more important to choose the right style. We have a huge range of finishes and style available to choose from so you are sure to find something to suit every taste. But how do you choose? We asked some experts to offer up some pearls of wisdom regarding choosing the perfect interior doors for your home.

One of the biggest decisions you will face is whether to choose solid wood or hollow core interior doors. At all of our doors are constructed from a solid slab of wood which is then finished with your choice of real wood Italian veneer. Our personal preference is for solid wood largely because we feel it offers a better quality door which is durable and long lasting, but we asked our featured experts to give us their own opinions on the solid versus hollow debate. Leroy Johnson of Four Brothers Carpentry was quick to agree with us. “Solid doors are a much better choice than hollow core doors. Hollow core doors tend to feel cheap, and set a poor tone for the house. In addition, solid core doors are much better for blocking sound,” said Leroy. In contrast, Bill Brackmann of Brackmann Construction Inc told us that he has no personal preference as to which doors he would use as he believes it comes down to what the customer wants. He did also mention that factors such as “the quality fit and finish of the home in which the doors are to be placed” had to be taken into consideration when making such a choice. This customer based choice was also something that was mentioned by M.E.M. Remodeling & More's Darla Duncan, although she did state that her own personal preference. “I prefer solid wood because they have a beautiful aesthetic value,” said Darla.

One interesting point raised by Imperial Kitchen & Bath was that in addition to customer choice and budget, the choice between solid wood and hollow core is often dependent on the project itself! Thy told us that, “hollow core are much easier to deal with but can be tricky when it comes to custom door opening. Solid doors are great for custom project which enables the customer to have the door finished any color.”

So with such varying opinions across the construction industry, which type of interior door comes out on top? We will always stand by our own opinion that solid wood doors offer the best quality and value for money, but taking on board the advice of our construction professionals, we will concede that hollow core doors should not be discounted completely if they are the most suited to a particular project.

Choosing between solid wood or hollow core is just the beginning, another important aspect to consider is the finish. You will want something that complements the rest of your home, but which is also stylish. We offer a range of finishes including various wood veneers, glass panels, aluminum and even leather, but we wanted to ask our experts if they have a favorite finish when it comes to modern interior doors. One of our biggest sellers at is Walnut, and this is a finish that was noted by two of our contributors. Darla Duncan of M.E.M. Remodeling & Moresaid, “I like them with a nice cherry or walnut stain with a nice polyurethane coating.” Meanwhile, Four Brothers Carpentry's Leroy Johnson noted that although there are many beautiful wood finishes for interior doors. his personal favorite is Walnut, as it has a rich and sophisticated look to it. Self-confessed 'wood guy' Bill Brackmann of Brackmann Construction Inc, said that although it all comes down to customer choice, his preference is for stain and satin lacquer. Bill also noted that “It seems we are in a time where there is more painted trim and doors than stained, but that can change in a single building cycle.” It seems that the preference is for a more traditional style when it comes to choosing interior doors, but that does not mean that there is any reason to shy away from more contemporary choice. Something that New York based Imperial Kitchen & Bath were keen to remind us of. “Darker wood finished have been very popular in the NYC/Metro area - wenge and cappuccino especially. Glass doors have been a hot item around here as well,” said their representative. This is something we certainly agree with at where we stock a large range of wenge products and offer the option to include glass panels in all of our doors.

Hopefully, this has given you a little additional insight into the importance of choosing interior doors for your home, and if we can be of any assistance do not hesitate to get in touch with us at any time.

We extend our thanks to our expert contributors for sharing their time and expertise with us in this article. Contributors include Bill Brackmann of Brackmann Construction Inc, Darla Duncan of M.E.M. Remodeling & MoreImperial Kitchen & Bath and Leroy Johnson of Four Brothers Carpentry.