Kitchens consistently top the list of rooms people want to remodel after moving into a new home. A lot of money is spent on dream kitchens, and maintenance is important to keep everything looking great. Keeping screws tight and emptying the cabinets for cleaning in the spring aren’t the only things that need to be done. 

Kitchens are built to be utilized, and for home chefs, splashes and grease stains are inevitable. In many instances, stains may go unnoticed, especially on the underside of cabinets or inside doors. Cleaning and degreasing these stains once they’ve been identified is essential to minimizing damage to the finish and the wood. Whether it is a painted cabinet door or rich wood veneer, there is a cleaning solution for every material.  

Cabinet Material Types and How to Clean Them Safely

Grease stains can be particularly stubborn, which is why care is needed when cleaning. Being too rough on a stain can easily ruin a cabinet’s finish. Regardless of the material, always test the cleaning solution on a small area hidden from view, such as between the door and frame. If it damages the area, choose a different product. 

Before reaching for heavy chemicals, warm water with dish soap usually works wonders, no matter the type of material. Use a damp but not wet cloth with a drop of dish soap and wipe the stain in gentle circles. Use another damp cloth with no soap to rinse the cabinet clean and wipe it dry immediately. 

The best way to clean more difficult stains depends on the cabinet material. 

Metal Cabinets

As the easiest material to clean, metal will stand up to many types of chemical degreasers. Always read manufacturer labels carefully, though, and stay away from harsh acids and bleach, as these can quickly damage stainless steel. It is essential to use a soft cloth or the soft side of a sponge. Work in circles until the stain is gone, and do not use steel wool or a scrub pad–these can scratch the surface. 

Laminate and MDF

Laminate is another material that is easy to care for. Common home cleaning sprays are generally safe to use on laminate surfaces, as are specialized degreasers. Read the labels and find one appropriate for laminate. Harsh chemicals like bleach and acids are to be avoided, as they can easily discolor or damage laminate and its coatings. 

The key with laminate is to use liquids sparingly and wipe the surface dry right away. Moisture can quickly seep into cracks or edges and find its way into the MDF beneath. This can cause swelling, leading the laminate to peel away. As with metal, wipe in circles and never use an abrasive cloth or sponge.

High-pressure laminate (HPL) from 27estore comes with an engineered wood core resistant to peeling and warping in humid environments. This makes it ideal for kitchens, but caution should still be used when cleaning. 

Real Wood

The utmost care should be taken with real wood cabinets, as replacing them can be costly. Secondly, real wood cabinets may be unfinished, or they may have had lacquer, polyurethane, or varnish applied to them. 

To the naked eye, it is difficult to know what finish was applied to a cabinet. Consequently, it’s important to choose a wood-safe cleaning agent and always test it on a small, hidden area. Whether the wood is finished or unfinished, a damp cloth is the best place to start, ensuring you have a dry cloth at the ready to quickly remove the moisture. 

Painted Cabinets

Some people choose to repaint MDF cabinets or real wood cabinetry to give their kitchen a new look. Those considering painting their cabinetry should understand how to hang cabinet doors for painting before attempting a kitchen makeover.  

Paint that is gloss or semi-gloss is typically easy to clean, and matte paint can be more difficult. A baking soda and water paste can be used for tougher stains, but be mindful that baking soda is abrasive. Always use a soft cloth or yellow sponge, wipe in careful circular motions until the stain is gone, then wipe the surface clean with a towel.   

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Cost-Effective Replacement

All cabinetry outlives its usefulness. After all, a kitchen is specifically designed to be a messy place. Over time, the high humidity, food splashes, constant opening and closing of doors, and the weight of heavy plates and dishes hasten the demise of cabinetry. 

Thankfully, 27estore offers a wide variety of cabinetry that can be shipped to your door. We have everything from ultra-durable HPL cabinets to real wood veneers to metal cabinets in a range of styles and colors. Check out our selection today and see all the options for bringing new life to your kitchen!