Whether you are in the market for decorative wall panels or wall panel systems, you’ve come to the right place. Customers buy wall paneling for a variety of reasons – for aesthetics, acoustics, extra insulation, or both. Veneer wood panels are easy to clean and use less wood than solid wood products. Who doesn’t want to save a tree or two?

If you’ve got tall ceilings but need to make partitions, wall panel systems are the ideal solution; solid color walls are not always the best answer. If you need to make partitions on a budget, but need to take them down and rearrange them, you can easily do so with wall panel systems. And they’re not just for making cubicles in an office building space; they can provide privacy in oversized basements or classrooms. With such a variety to choose from, you’re sure to find the right color and style to suit your needs.

Walnut caramel wood wall paneling by 27Coco

Decorative wall panel projects are perfect for those owners who need to add the coziness and warmth that only wall paneling can provide. Wall paneling has long been a secret trick of the trade for designers who need to cover up worn walls. As a time-honored tradition, home libraries and offices are fashionable spots for wood wall panels. But you’re really only limited by your imagination – panels can look appropriate and tasteful in any room. Some people even opt to use them for a sort of headboard look in the bedroom. Other customers use them up staircase walls, while wainscoting is popular everywhere from dining rooms to bathrooms.

Wood wall paneling gives a room a distinguished, classic vibe. The graining provides the rich look of solid wood. The panels can create a stately look where paint rarely can. If you’re using paneling on the bottom half of walls, you can affix chair rail trim over top to create a perfectly finished look.

As long as you take the time to properly glue and nail the wall panelling, you’ll have a fresh, modern look. If you aren’t handy, make sure that you find someone who is. You want the panels to have an even appearance. Like any other home improvement job, the panels only look as good as they’re installed. However, because they resist scuffs more readily than drywall, your panels have a longer life expectancy than regular painted walls.

Decorative wall panel projects are inexpensive but offer a lot of bang for your buck. If your walls are beyond repair, panels can cover up a world of hurt. Because they are not as busy as wallpaper, you can be assured that your wall paneling will add lasting value.